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United Kingdom Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Top 20 Most Popular Cities in the UK for...
Read quick profiles of each of the Top 20 UK Cities for visitors to see why people keep coming back again and again.
Book Early to Celebrate Christmas in These...
Believe it or not, it's not too early to book Christmas Lunch in an English Pub. These are open on Christmas Day and recommended for a bang up meal.
Victorian, Dickensian or German - The UK's Best...
Traditional and German Christmas Markets around the UK are great for unusual gifts and tasty treats. These 18 are the cream of the crop.
Traditional Thanksgiving in the UK
Celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK. Find out where to celebrate America's favorite holiday while visiting in England and Scotland.
Know the Rules Before You Send a Present to the...
Sending holiday or celebration gifts to the UK? Check these 10 facts about UK Customs regulations first to make sure your gifts arrive safely, and within the rules.
Sail through UK Customs with This Illustrated...
Find out about United Kingdom Customs Regulations. What can you bring into the UK from the USA? From other EU countries?
Tipping in the UK - How, When and How Much
Tipping in the UK - When is Tipping Expected in the UK and How Much To Tip
Which Train? What Time? How Much?
Guide to National Rail Enquiries. Find UK train times and schedules, fares, service updates, station information, maps and more.
Discount Shopping in the U.K.: Where to Find...
Read about UK Discount outlets all over the country with links to the best UK Discount outlets in England, Scotland and Wales
Power Adaptors - Get Plugged In With The...
You only need adaptor plugs to use dual-voltage US appliances in the UK. Find out how to tell if your appliance is dual voltage.
Lunch in France on Your UK Tour? Just Drive...
Drive between Europe and the UK in your own car. Find out how easy it is to use the Eurotunnel shuttle through the Channel Tunnel.
Can I Spend Euros in the UK?
Can you spend Euros in the UK. Find out where to spend Euros in the UK
How to Find Out If You Need a Visa
Do you need a visa to visit the UK? Find out if you do, what kind you need and where to get one.
What Can You Drink in a Pub if You Don't Like...
Learn how to find a pub you'll really like,what to order and how to order it, how Brits do it - fast-tracking through the mysteries of British Pub etiquette.
Hogmanay All Over the Place
Read about where to find the best Hogmanay - New Year's Eve in in Scotland
How to Save on VAT - The UK Sales Tax You May...
VAT is a tax on most goods and services in the UK. Visitors from outside the EU may not have to pay it. Find out how to get a refund.
Panto is One British Family Tradition You...
Panto or Pantomime is a British tradition of winter musical comedy for the whole family featuring the noisiest, rowdiest fairytales you've ever seen.
Why Staying Just Outside London Makes Money Sense
A round up of the best places to stay that are within easy reach of London but have plenty of charm and attractions of their own.
What is a "High Street" in England?
UK Shopping - Frequently Asked Questions. What is a high street? What are high street shops and what can you buy in them?
British Slang Uses of Grass as a Verb and Noun
: If you watch movies about the London criminal subculture or catch a fair amount of British crime drama
How to Get from London to Oxford Like a Local
Oxford is only 60 miles from London and a great day trip destination. Find out how to get there and how much it will cost.
9 Best Live Webcams in the UK: See What It's...
The UK is covered in Webcams. These are some of the best webcams for an overview of UK weather, wildlife, traffic, city and village webcams. .
Guide to UK Department Stores
A handy guide to UK department store shopping. Find out what you can buy and what you might spend in the country's biggest popular retailers.
Online UK Database Makes Import Rules Crystal...
Online UK database makes customs and import regulations crystal clear.
10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Plan...
Top ten tips to planning your first trip to the United Kingdom. What you should think of when planning a trip to England, Scotland or Wales.
Celebrate Christmas in the UK's Best Historic...
Glorious decorations, tasty holiday treats and loads of family fun - it must be Christmas with the National Trust.
UK Trip Planning Aid - 5-Year UK Public Holiday...
5-year Calendar of public holidays or bank holidays in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from 2014 - 2018.
Travel from London to Cambridge like a Local
Details of how to get from London to Cambridge by various forms of transportation. Use these information resources to plan your journey.
5 Hogmanay Traditions in Scotland
Did you know that Hogmanay, Scotland's New Year celebration can last for days and has many ancient Hogmanay traditions?
Some Surprising Foods You Can Bring Home to the...
Tempted by markets? Find out what foods you can bring home to the States from you visit to the UK.
Bicester Village - Discount Designer Brand...
Bicester Village is a discount designer brand mall near London and Oxford where chic style and cheaper prices go hand in hand.
Do You Need an International Driver's Permit?
Find out what an International Driving Permit (IDP) is, whether you need one to drive in the United Kingdom and where to buy one.
16 Easy London Day Trips
Visiting London? Try Windsor Castle, a short, easy day trip that's a quick alternative to spending the day in the city.
Can You Bare All in Public in the UK? Well,...
Can you go bare on the beach in England, Scotland and Wales? Find out about public nudity in the UK and how to sunbathe nude without breaking the law.
Sample the Christmas Table - British Style
Mince pies are the UK signal that the holidays are here. Mulled wine, turkey and all the trimmings can't be far behind
How to Get From London to Birmingham by Train,...
Details of how to get from London to Birmingam by train, bus and car. Use these information resources to plan your journey.
Have an All Day Antiquing Spree in One of These
Like antique hunting? If your idea of heaven is spending all day rooting through treasures and plain old fashioned dusty junk, head for one of these.
How to Get to Norwich
Use these information resources to compare transportation options and plan your trip to Norwich, capital of East Anglia..
Hark The Herald Angels Sing - Carol Concerts at...
Find Christmas Carols in English Cathedrals. How to find the best English Cathedral Choirs and choirboys performing Christmas Carols in historic English Cathedrals.
12 "Must-See" Places in the United Kingdom
12 iconic, must-see places to visit in the UK- Castles in Wales and Scotland, Shakespeare's England, the towering giants of Snowdonia, mysterious Stonehenge and more.
Plan Your Visit to Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle, the world's biggest occupied castle is the Queen's favorite weekend home. Find out what to see and do and how to visit.
The World Class Seven Wonders of the UK
My personal pick of the Seven Wonders of the United Kingdom, inspired by a new poll that picked the wonders of the world
New Rules Mean Longer Waits for UK Weddings
Rules for getting married in the UK have changed. Find out why the Home Office has added extra waiting periods and how you can marry in the UK.
How to Get Around the UK by Bus and Coach
Find bus schedules, cheap tickets, bus routes throughout the UK. Get on the Buses to save money. UK buses and coaches are the cheapest way to get around for intercity and local UK travel.
How to Get to from London to Bath Like a Local
Bath is 115 miles from London and a great day trip or short break destination. Find out how to get there and how much it will cost.
Can Fido Come Too? Pet Travel Info for the UK
Pet Travel? Find Out about the Pet Travel Scheme in the UK and How to Bring Your Dog or Cat to the UK.
Anglo Saxon Gold Hunting with a Metal Detector...
Anglo Saxon Gold hunting for hidden treasure with a metal detector in the UK. Find out what is treasure trove, who it belongs to and what you should do if you find a horde of anglo saxon gold.
It's Official - Studland Bay Has a National...
The National Trust's official nude beach at Studland Bay in Dorset is a popular and high quality destination for naturists. Find out more about it.
A New Batch of Women's Travel Shoes that Will...
Top picks for the best Comfortable Travel Shoes for women. These travel walking shoes for women are light, smart and styled for city or casual travel. Find out which comfortable walking shoes are the best for your travels.
See These Now at the British Museum
What are the most important treasures in the British Museum? That's probably an impossible question to answer. These ten are among my favorites.
How to Get to Manchester from London like a Local
Manchester is 202 miles from London and an important center for museums, architecture and the BBC. Here's how to get there and what it will cost.
When It's Time to Eat Oysters Find the Best...
When is the best time to eat oysters in England - and where can you find the best?
How to Attend England's Most Famous Carol Service
The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at King's College Chapel - Carols at Kings - is a world famous service. Find out how you can attend.
Sending Holiday Gifts to the UK? You Need The...
Sending Christmas presents to friends and family in the UK? The Royal Mail postcode finder is a tool you need to know about.
Handel's Messiah - An English Christmas Tradition
Handel's Messiah is a Holiday Season Tradition for English Choirs, Choruses and Chorals. Find out where to hear Top English Choirs sing Handel's Messiah.
Birmingham Brings Frankfurt to Town for Christmas
Birmingham's huge German Market - mid November to Christmas - fills the city center with traditional gifts, holiday foods and lots of German beer.
How to visit Shakespeare's Hometown from London
Direction to get you from London to Stratford-upon-Avon by various forms of transportation. Use these information resources to plan your journey.
A Cheat's Guide to Real English Places You...
The Home Counties, East Anglia, The West Country. You won't find them on official maps yet they're distinctive English destinations with lots to see.
Fantastic Facts About York Minster
Fantastic and little known facts about York Minster, England's largest gothic church and one of the largest Medieval Gothic Cathedrals in the world.
Coming to the UK? Don't Leave Home Without...
Find out about UK medical services for visitors. What medical services are free and which must you pay for.
What's the Best Travel Money to Bring to the UK?
Should you buy travelers checks to use in the UK? Will your card be accepted in shops. Find out the pros and cons of different kinds of travel money.
What are Bank Holidays and How Will They Effect...
National holidays are called bank holidays, in the United Kingdom. Find out how they got that name and what impact they might have on your vacation.
Find the Right UK National Park for Your Dream...
National Parks in the UK. Facts and figures about the 15 National Parks in the UK. Learn all about the National Parks in the UK that protect UK Landscapes and Heritage plus a list of all the UK National Parks in England, Scotland and Wales.
10 Great Reasons to Plan a United Kingdom Trip
Destination United Kingdom. Why choose a destination in England, Scotland, Wales or the UK Offshore Islands for your next vacation or holiday
Travel from London to Cardiff like a Local
Heading for Cardiff for a sports event or a university term? Find out how to get there and how much it will cost.
Boxing Day - Shopping, Sports and Silliness in...
Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, is a time for sports, eccentrics and shopping in the UK. Find out how it's celebrated and - maybe - why.
Take a Foodie Vacation at a Cooking School with...
5 of the best cooking schools with rooms in Britain as recommended by Nick Wyke, founder of Looking to Cook.
Average Precipitation and Rainfall in the UK
UK Rainfall Averages by City in Millimeters and Inches, including the wettest and driest months. Page 7.
Is York England's Most Christmassy City?
Christmas Markets and Events in York England. York England goes all out for Christmas with several traditional Christmas Markets, Christmas Concerts and Events, all clustered in the Medieval Center of York for Yuletide York.
Love Bacon? Try a Bacon Sarnie
What is a bacon sarnie and why is this salty British treat such a guilty pleasure for so many?
How to Get to Glasgow
Details of how to get from London to Glasgow by various forms of transportation. Use these information resources to plan your journey.
Top Ten English Country Houses to Visit
Read about the top ten English Country Houses. Find Links and Pictures of Chatsworth, Blenheim Palace, Castle Howard, Hatfield House, Hardwick House, Waddesdon Manor, Knole, Longleat,Petworth House and Lyme Park. Find out how to visit the best Stately Homes of England
10 Facts About Dinner with the Queen of England
Queen Elizabeth II hosts two state banquets a year. Find out what goes on behind the scenes at a Windsor Castle State Banquet
Most Romantic Spots to Pop the Question in the UK
Some of the most romantic places to pop the question the United Kingdom. Perfect settings for marriage proposals.
Just One Plug - That's All it Takes to Travel...
Travel light. It may take just one plug to use your US travel electronics in the UK. Find out how.
Listen, Do You Wanna Know a Secret? Here's How...
Travel Directions London to Liverpool with different transportation options. It's easy. All you need is...patience, and these resources, to get there.
The British Islands - Britain's Offshore...
All about the British Islands. The Channel Islands are part of Britain but not part of the UK. Read about the unusual and anomalous status of Britain's offshore islands.
Travel Directions - How to Get to Nottingham
Details of how to get from London to Nottingham by various forms of transportation. Use these information resources to plan your journey.
Travel Solo in the UK - It's Easy and Fun
The UK is a great destination for solo travel. Find out why and how to make the most of a vacation on your own in the United Kingdom.
Plan a Visit to Diana's Childhood Home
Althorp in Northamptonshire is Princess Diana's childhood home and has been home to her family, the Spencers for 500 years. It is also, since 1997, the private site of her grave.
Things to Never Do in the United Kingdom
Britain is an easy vacation destination for US visitors, there are still some things you should never do. Find out what not to do in the United Kingdom
Fashion, Food and Top Brands at Selfridges
Selfridges is a small chain of comprehensive department stores with an emphasis on luxury and designer goods, exotic foods and top brands.
Whitstable - A Salty Oyster Fishery With...
Whitstable oysters have been farmed since Roman times. See the difference between a Whitstable native oyster and a rock oyster and find out when to visit Whitstable to try some. Read about the Whitstable Oyster Festival as well.
Bonanza of Free Things to Do in the UK
Vacation fun in the UK doesn't have to cost a bundle. In fact, it doesn't have to cost a penny. Check out my list of 50 fun, free things to do in the UK
How to get from London to Canterbury
The walled, cathedral City of Canterbury is just 60 miles from London. Its Cathedral Quarter makes an excellent day trip. Find out how to get there.
What's My Money Worth in the UK?
How to handle UK currency and how to find the latest exchange rates to measure what goods and services are worth in your own money.
By Rail Across the UK - The Fast, Easy Way to...
Britsih Rail Travel Overview: Unlock the mysteries of buying train tickets, all the different British rail fares and how to find the train you need.
Crossing the English Channel from Europe -...
How to cross the English Channel from Europe to the UK using Eurostar, Eurotunnel and a variety of ferry services.
Find an International Airport in England and...
Read about other UK airports with Trans-Atlantic flights where you can save money or arrive closer to your ultimate destination.
How to Get to Edinburgh from London
How to get to Edinburgh from London. Use these resources and travel directions to plan your trip.
How to Get from London to Brighton Like a Local
Details of how to get from London to Brighton by various forms of transportation. Use these information resources to plan your journey.
A Truck by Any Other Name....
What is a lorry in the United Kingdom. Find a definition of the word lorry and articulated lorry
How to Save on Cheap Eats in the UK
Visitors are often surprised at the cost of meals in the UK, but it is possible to eat well in the UK on a budget. Here are twelve ways to fill up cheaply.
Brighton Burns the Clocks to Brighten the...
Plan a winter getway to Brighton for Burning the Clocks on the longest night - when the whole town joins a glowing parade, a fire show and fireworks.
Christmas Tree Ornaments From the British Museum
From Wedgewood baubles to flying reindeers, London phone booths to Egyptian cats, enjoy these British Museum Christmas tree ornaments available to buy online.
Top Scenic Drives in Britain
Top scenic drives in Britain: Ferne Arfin About.com's United Kingdom guide picks her favorite routes for a scenic drive in Britain. They have great views, natural beauty, charming villages and historic sights. Try one.
Balmoral - The Queen's Private Vacation Home
Balmoral Castle in Scotland, is the Royal Family's private vacation home and retreat in the Highlands. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Princes William and Harry, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, and honored guests and royal girlfriends spend the summer holidays at Balmoral Castle.
A Harry Potter Fanatic's Guide to Visiting the UK
Take a Harry Potter Studio tour or visit Harry Potter locations all over the UK .
5 Great Views From the Top
Queen Elizabeth I's view from Kenilworth Castle was hidden for 350 years. Now it's one of 5 great historic views from high places to explore.
Traveling to York is Easy - Why Not Try It?
Travel directions for the popular city of York from London. Whether you drive, take the train or a coach, what you need to know is here.
Windsor Castle
Picture of Windsor Castle, The Queen's Favorite Home, Seen From the Thames
Roman Top 10 in Britain
The Romans ruled Britain for almost 400 years and left signs of their occupation all over the country. Try exploring some of the lesser known Roman sites in the UK for a fascinating visit.
Skinny-Dipping Guide to Britain
Nude beach guide for the UK. Read review of Bare Britain - guide to Top Nude Beaches in the UK. Book liberally illustrated with nude pictures of men and women.
How to Beat a Path to Off-the-Beaten-Path Lincoln
Planning a short break in Lincoln can be well worth some travel complications. Find out how to get to this hidden gem of the Midlands.
11 Romantic Things to Do in the UK
Looking for romantic things to do in the UK for Valentine's Day, a special occasion or just for the sake of love? Try these UK romantic ideas for inspiration
British Panto - Whats on Where in 2015-2016
Tickets are already selling fast for this year's traditional Pantos. Find out what's on and what's new for the 2015/2016 holiday Panto season.
Secret Passages and Hidden Lanes Hide York's...
Take a walk along York's secret passageways and hidden lanes to find its secret medieval world.
4-8 Days West of London Tour includes Windsor...
Things to do on a short vacation in the UK? This 4-day itinerary - expandable to up to 8 days - zeros in on the best attractions west of London.
All About Snowdonia - A Quick Guide
Snowdonia Guide. A quick guide for visitors to Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. Plan a visit to this Welsh language area with the oldest rocks on earth.
How to Get to Leeds from London
Travel directions London to Leeds. Use these information resources to compare transportation options and plan your trip.
What a view! Where to see the Seven Sisters of...
Follow these pointers to find the best views of England's gorgeous, gleaming white cliffs - the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head.
How to Order a Balti Meal
What is Birmingham Balti Cooking? Birmingham is the birthplace of Balti. Find out what Birmingham Balti food is all about and how to order a Birmingham Balti restaurant meal.
Deciphering British Food-Speak
What do you call that? British foods are usually not that different from US and continental foods. It's just the language that's confusing.
English Lit 101 Comes to Life on this 8 Stop Tour
Plan a literary itinerary around the UK visiting landmarks in the lives of a favorite authors including Dickens, Jane Austen, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, JRR Tolkien, Agatha Christie and more.
Can't Resist a Bargain? Then Head for the UK's...
If you love a bargain and fancy a haggle, head for these cities with some of the UK's top traditional markets,
How to get to Plymouth, England
Travel directions from London to Plymouth by various forms of transportation. Use these information resources consider all your travel options.
Dual Voltage Power Strips Solve Two Travel...
These dual voltage power strips are a great idea for plugged in travelers. They eliminate the need to carry multiple foreign adaptor plugs and solve the problem of too few power outlets in most hotel rooms.
How to Get to Wimbledon - It Takes More Than...
Looking for a Wimbledon ticket? Find out the four ways to get one - you may not be too late.
How to Get to Aberdeen from London
How to get to Aberdeen - Use these resource to compare the costs, time and convenience of available travel options to plan a trip.
Average Temperatures in Scotland (Fahrenheit)
Scotland Weather Averages Fahrenheit. Page 4.
Definition of Real Ale
a glossary definition of the British term real ale. Find out what is the meaning of real ale.
New Year's in Edinburgh Means Hogmanay
New Year's in Edinburgh means Hogmanay - four days of celebration for the New Year. Find out what's happening in Edinburgh for Hogmanay and how you can take part.
How to Travel from London to Swansea Like a Local
Swansea is the gateway to the Gower, one of the most beautiful corners of Wales.Find out how to get there and how much it will cost.
How to Travel from London to Bristol Like a Local
Bristol is 118 miles from London in a straight line west from Trafalgar Square. Find out how to get there and how much it will cost.
3 Great Houses from the Golden Age of...
The Elizabethan Age was full of confidence and prosperity. Visit some of the historic houses and manors built at the height of Elizabethan domestic architecture.
Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire
Scottish Fire Festivals - The Stonehaven Fireball is an orgy of flames and a flaming good party on the Scottish coast near Aberdeen.
Easy Directions to Windsor from London and from...
Travel directions to travel from London to Windsor Castle and Legoland Windsor. It's an easy trip with plenty of options.
9 Great All Occasion Travel Shoes for Men
9 top picks in comfortable, multi-purpose shoes for a traveling man. Leave your style icon ambitions at home and pack comfy, all-occasion footwear.
Edinburgh Fringe - the Greatest Arts Festival...
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival was once simply the Edinburgh Festival fringe. Now it has taken over as the biggest, open arts festival in the world with more than 3,000 shows and events to choose from.
Chatsworth in the Peak District. United Kingdom Travel. Page 5.
Crossing the English Channel by Car? You Need a...
If you are planning to drive between England and France through the Channel Tunnel, be prepared with a Plan B
How to Drive in the UK
UK and Ireland Driving Directions and Tips - Find top tips for UK and Ireland visitors driving in the British Isles.
Remember, Remember the 5th of November -...
Bonfire Night in the UK, is the smokiest night of the year. Here's where to celebrate Guy Fawkes demise with fireworks and huge public bonfires.
How to get to Newcastle from London
Travel directions London to Newcastle-upon-Tyne by train,bus, car and air. Use these information resources to compare costs and book your trip.
A Country House Christmas - Celebrate the...
Pictures of UK Country House Hotels at Christmas with details of their Christmas holiday packages.
Global Chains for Budget Travelers
Cheap hotel chains offer cheap, clean and decent accommodations. When you're touring, sometimes price trumps style.
Oxford University England - A Guided Walk
Take a guided walk around Oxford University England. This half day walking tour with pictures is a good way to get an idea of the famous university town.
Winter Wild Water for Rainy Day Fun
Indoor water parks around the UK make warm summer family fun possible all year long.
St Ives
Near St Ives, Cornwall, in October. Page 12.
Iron Bridge
The Iron Bridge - first opened in 1781 and now part of the UNESCO Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site - spans the Severn Gorge at Ironbridge, the heart of the birthplace of industry. Page 8.
Live UK Ghost Cams for Armchair Ghost Hunters
Where to find online, live uk ghost cams tuned to the most haunted places in the UK.
Visit the Real Harry Potter Studios in London
Experience the real sets and props from the Harry Potter films on a Warner Brothers Studios Making of Harry Potter Tour near London.
Scotland is On Fire!
Scotland celebrates January with Fire. Here's where to find the best winter fire festivals in the country.
Plan an Itinerary Around a Scotland Explorer Pass
The Historic Scotland Explore Pass - a discount ticket for touring castles, prehistoric sites, gardens, abbeys and more across Scotland and islands.
M&S - A British Classic
Marks and Spencer or M&S is the UK's favorite department store - a real British institution
Lincoln Christmas Market - The UK's First and...
Lincoln Christmas Market is one of the UK's oldest and biggest Christmas Markets. More than 350 stallholders from all over Europe sell unique gifts, crafts, food and more. And there's also a Big Wheel and a funfair.
A traditional Welsh farmstead in Llyn Y Gabair,is dwarfed by the mountains of Snowdonia in the heart of Snowdonia National Park. Page 3.
Cliveden - A Glorious House with a Racy...
Cliveden House was scene of the ProfumoAffair -- a huge scandal of the 1960s.Once the haunt of celebs, today anyone can book glamourous a room.
The Brits Can't Cook - A Fresh Look at Ten...
So you think British food is just horrible? Time to have another look at what you think you know about Britain.
The London Three - Must-See Stores for Visiting...
Harrods, Liberty and Fortnum & Mason are unique to London and musts for shophounds. Each has fabulous things to buy. and fascinating stories to tell.

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