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Fantastic Facts About York Minster


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Northern Europe's Biggest Gothic Cathedral - But Size Isn't Everything
York Minster, West Front, and York's Medieval City Walls

York Minster rises above the roof tops and Medieval Walls of York. The view is of the West Front.

York Minster is one of England's most popular attractions, voted one of the UK's Seven Wonders by visitors in 2002. More than two million people pass through it annually from all over the world.

And no wonder. York Minster is truly awe inspiring. This architectural and artistic masterpiece took more than 250 years to build. It is filled with unique and fantastic carvings and the world's greatest collection of intact, Medieval stained glass windows.

Its size, as it happens, is also fantastic. Facts:

  • Length - 525 feet (160 meters)
  • Width - 249 feet (76 meters)
  • Height to vault - 88.5 feet (27 meters)
  • West towers - Nearly 184 feet each (56 meters)
  • Lantern tower - 233 feet (71 meters)
The lantern tower, by the way, at 16,000 metric tons. And here's a fantastic fact about that: it weighs about the same as 40 jumbo jets.

As Northern Europe's largest consecrated Medieval Gothic space, York Minster is also one of the world's largest Medieval Gothic Cathedrals. Only Chartres, south of Paris, is larger.

But size isn't everything. Among York Minster's other attractions are its unusual Chapter House and a history as a sacred place that extends back nearly 2000 years.

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