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Visiting the Yorkshire Wolds - A Country Getaway A Stone's Throw from York


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Around Millington and Beyond
Wolds Way

Looking towards the Wolds Way, it's hard to resist setting off for a cross-country walk.

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The delightful village of Millington, East Yorkshire, has everything that a perfect English village should have: a parish church with a 900-year history, a 16th century pub (The Gait Inn), a main street that’s hardly changed in a hundred years and unspoiled views of glorious countryside.

The information folder in our room at the Ramblers’ Rest included a couple of useful take-away maps, for a 5-mile and a 10-mile walk. If you decide to follow one of these to Millington Pastures, you can find earthworks dating from 2000 BC and the site of a Roman Villa. With generations of local experience, your hosts at the Ramblers' Rest can offer further advice on where to look and likely conditions underfoot.

There’s also a potted history of the building and the village, which made our short pre-dinner walk all the more interesting. We spotted the “walkers’ window” in the parish church, the Norman porch and a lepers’ window, reputedly placed in the south wall of the chancel to let people see the service even if they weren’t allowed to enter the church.

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