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November Festival and Events Roundup

An overview of events and festivals throughout the UK during November


November - Glass Half Empty or Half Full

What you make of November in the United Kingdom depends a lot upon whether you are a class half empty or a glass half full sort of person. Yes, it is colder and darker and wetter and, okay, the days are a lot shorter. But the holiday season is just around the corner. By mid month, shop windows are sparkling, and festive concerts and events lighten spirits. If you are an outdoor sort of person, bring warm, waterproof clothing but, as usual in the UK, plan on shedding a few layers if the weather turns unexpectedly warm.

November Weather Averages

  • High - 49°F (9.5°C)
  • Low - 38°F (3.5°C)
  • Average daily hours of sunshine - 2.17
  • Average monthly rainfall - 3.28" (83.5mm)
  • High - 45°F (7.4°C)
  • Low - 36°F (2°C)
  • Average daily hours of sunshine - 1.44
  • Average monthly rainfall - 6.5" (166mm)
  • High - 49°F (9.3°°C)
  • Low - 39°F (3.7°C)
  • Average daily hours of sunshine - 1.83
  • Average monthly rainfall - 6.1" (156.8mm)

Check out average temperatures and rainfall throughout the year, all around the UK.

November Daylight

If weather phenomenon associated with seasons and latitudes interest you, this is a very interesting time of year in the UK. Darkness seems to rush in faster and faster as the Northern latitudes approach midwinter. And there is a marked difference even between the few degrees of latitude that separate London and Inverness in Scotland.

At the beginning of November, expect about 9.5 hours between sunrise and sunset in London, half an hour less in Inverness. By the end of the month, London days are around 8 1/4 hours long while they are only 7 hours long in Scotland - a full two hours less than the beginning of the month, with sunset at about 3:30 in the afternoon. <p> So, it's a month for indoor entertainments and nightlife but the shop windows and the fairy lights certainly do sparkle.

November Highlights

Music and Performing Arts

Film Festivals

Literary Festivals

Arts and Antiques

Food and Drink

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