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Bed and Breakfast in East Anglia - Byfords Posh B&B


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Unusual Breakfasts, Relaxed Dining and Continental Takeaway
Scottish Salmon Filet at Byfords

Scottish Salmon Filet at Byfords

Courtesy of Byfords
Breakfasts at Byfords Posh B&B can include all the usuals of a full English - bacon, eggs, sausages, etc. But guests are also offered kippers, kedgeree, breakfast "pizza", filled croissants, Buck's Fizz and Bloody Mary.

The all day restaurant and café serves Mediterranean influenced food, in an informal atmosphere, throughout the day - breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea and candlelit dinners.

And there's also a takeaway deli with continental and local cheeses, cold cuts and picnic goodies.

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