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London to Norwich by Train, Bus and Car

How to get from London to Norwich


Details of how to get from London to Norwich by various forms of transportation. Use these information resources to plan your journey.
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London to Norwich by Train

UK Travel Tip The cheapest train fares are those designated "Advance" - how far in advance depends upon the journey as most rail companies offer advance fares on a first come first served basis. Advance tickets are usually sold as one-way or "single" tickets. Whether or not you buy advance tickets, always compare the "single" ticket price to the round trip or "return" price as it is often cheaper to buy two single tickets rather than one round trip ticket.

Trains leave for Norwich Station from London Liverpool Street every half hour. The journey takes about 2 hours with round trip advance fares starting at about £12.

London to Norwich by Bus

UK Travel Tip National Express offers a limited number of "funfare" promotional tickets that are very cheap (£6.50 for a £39.00 fare, for example). These can only be purchased on line and they are usually posted on the website a month to a few weeks before the trip. It is worth checking the website to see if "funfare" tickets are available for your chosen journey.

There is a regular bus service between London Victoria Coach Station and Surrey Street Coach Station in Norwich. The journey takes about 3 hours with some longer trips stopping at Stansted Airport. Round trip tickets cost £22. Tickets can be booked online and there is usually a 50pence booking fee.

London to Norwich by Car

Norwich is 118 miles northeast of London via the M11, A14 and A11. It takes about 3 hours to drive. Keep in mind that gasoline, called petrol in the UK, is sold by the liter (a little more than a quart) and the price is usually more than $1 a quart.

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