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The Seven Wonders of the United Kingdom


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The Seven Sisters - The UK's Gleaming White Cliffs
UK Seven Wonders The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters, white cliffs on the edge of Sussex, England, are among the UK's Seven Wonders

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The Seven Sisters are gleaming white cliffs, visible from miles at sea and terminating in a series of gently undulating chalk Downs. I've chosen them among my personal selection of the UK's Seven Wonders because they are so beautiful and so unmistakably British.

Some countries rise out of the sea from gently sloping beaches. Others have mountains that march right to the water's edge. But England meets the English Channel with abrupt ranges of white chalk cliffs. Nature seems to mirror at least a thousand years of prickly relations - as though England has been been snapped off Europe like a piece of rock candy.

The hills behind the cliffs may seem to roll softly - but don't be fooled. The Seven Sisters constitute one of the most challenging stretches of The South Downs Way

Compared to the more internationally famous White Cliffs of Dover, the Seven Sisters are more unspoilt. No buildings or developments mar this pristine landscape. But until protected, first by a country park and more recently by being part of the South Downs National Park, they were under pressure and at risk of development. Today, the main challenge the Seven Sisters face comes from the sea. The English Channel nibbles the coast between Seaford and Easbourne, taking 30 to 40 centimeters a year and carving new channels and sea caves. The beach below is one of the few places in Britain where you can find chalk littering the sand.

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