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UK Offshore Islands Travel - UK Islands for Visitors

The UK mainland is surrounded by islands and island groups, each with its own, unique history, culture and microclimate. Find out about visiting the Isle of Man, The Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey and Sark, the Isles of Scilly, the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland. Find out what to see, where to stay and more about UK's offshore islands.
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  2. Jersey (11)
  3. Orkney Accommodations (10)

The Truth About the British Channel Islands
Learn the surprising truth about the British Islands- they may not be what you think.

Quick Guide to Orkney - Plan a Visit to The Orkney Islands
Use this all-in-one guide to plan your visit to Orkney. Find out when to go, what to see, where to stay and 5 great things to do when you travel to The Orkney Islands off the north coast of Scotland.

Whale Watch from Orkney - Spot Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises and Seals
Go Whale watching off Orkney and see other coastal wildlife. Spot 18 different varieties of whales as well as dolphins, porpoise and seals.

Heart of Neolithic Orkney UNESCO World Heritage Site
Read about The Heart of Neolithic Orkney UNESCO World Heritage Site. Orkney's Neolithic Heartland contains two Neolithic Stone Circles, the Ring of Brodgar and the Standing Stones of Stenness, unexcavated mounds and sites, and the 5000 year old village, Skara Brae. Click here to learn about Viking graffitti on Orkney's ancient monuments.

The Italian Chapel of Orkney - A Symbol of Peace From a Time of War
Read about the Italian Chapel on Orkney. The chapel,built by Italian POWs held on Orkney during World War II, has become an enduring symbol of peace. See the work of Moena artist Domenico Chioccchetti and other Italian POWs and learn about the enduring bond forged by the beautiful Italian Chapel of Orkney.

Orkney Underwater - The Shipwrecks of Scapa Flow
Scapa Flow is the graveyard of the World War I German Fleet. Read about diving the shipwrecks of Scapa Flow. See the shipwrecks, flora and fauna of Scapa Flow by remote submersible. Learn about the Royal Oak and Scapa Flow.

Johnsmas Foy
Shetland Islanders celebrate their seafaring heritage with traditional and not so traditional festivities.

St. Magnus Festival - Orkney's Midsummer Celebration of the Performing
Major artists of international stature - in music, dance, poetry and theatre, gather on Orkney for the midsummer celebrations of the St. Magnus Festival.

The Isle of Wight Festivals - Top Acts and Legendary Headliners
The Isle of Wight Festival features top musical acts and legendary performers. The Who, David Bowie, REM and Coldplay have all been recent headliners and in 2007, the Rolling Stones perform live.

Fine Dining on Orkney - Where to Dine and Stay in Style on Orkney
Seafood and locally reared, island beef is superb on Orkney. Read about Orkney's best restaurants with rooms, for excellent, sophisticated, modern cuisine.

What's the Weather Like on Orkney?
Find out about Orkney Weather and Climate. What's the best time to visit Orkney. Find Orkney weather forecasts and watch live webcams of Orkney

The Orkney Islands - Scotland's Remote and Remarkable Island Group
Pictures of the Orkney Islands, the wild and remote Scottish Islands at the top of the United Kingdom. Pictures of Kirkwall, Stromness and the ports of Orkney

Orkney Weather from The Orcadian Online
24-hour weather and long term forecast for the Orkney Islands off the Coast of Scotland. Tide Times, Sunrise and Sunset on Orkney.

A Visit to Orkney - Walking Hoy
Three walks on Hoy in Orkney offer mixed challenges and great views including the iconic Old Man of Hoy.

Discovering the Isle of Man
Adventure writer Helen Ochyra explores 4 great walks and finds a tasty plum crumble on the Isle of Man.

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