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Nude Beach Behavior - Good Manners on UK Nude Beaches


Have something to cover up handy, just in case.

Have something to cover up handy, just in case.

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Nude beaches, especially unofficial ones, are tolerated because of a code of good manners as to what is acceptable behavior on a nude beach. Follow these guidelines for a tranquil day out.
  1. At unofficial areas, don’t strip until you reach the tolerated nudist area. As a rule of thumb, it will be the furthest area from the entrance to the beach.
  2. Keep your distance. Choose a spot that respects the privacy of other beach users.
  3. Don't stare at others. Don't approach strangers. Men, in particular, should be aware that women will probably not want to be approached.
  4. Watch yourself when taking pictures. If you must include strangers, ask for consent. Don't photograph children. And if you are a bird watcher, don't point your binoculars at other beach users.
  5. Keep clothing or a cover-up handy. If you are asked to cover-up (by anyone) on an unofficial beach in the UK, you must do so.
  6. Avoid sexual activity unless you are sure you are alone and likely to stay that way. The Sexual Offences Act (2003) does not prohibit al fresco sex in isolated places so long as you have a reasonable expectation of privacy. However, you could be prosecuted for a public order offence if others are present.
  7. Be prepared with towels, sunscreen, water, drinks and food. You are unlikely to find them on remote nude beaches.
  8. Leave the beach clean. Take away what you have brought to the beach - and more if you can.

Are You Tempted?

Europeans are much more relaxed about nude bathing and sunbathing than North Americans. Even in England, with its reputation for reserved behaviour, it's pretty common in suitable settings. And in Greece, where local people can be rather prim, stripping for the sunshine isn't that uncommon, as About.com's Guide to Greece, deTraci Regula explains in How to Visit a Nude Beach in Greece. So what do you think? Would you bare all at the beach in Britain?
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