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Family Fun in Dorset: The Unique and Ancient Abbotsbury Swannery


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Baby Swans (Cygnets) at Abbotsbury Swannery
Baby Swans (cygnets) hatch between late April and the end of June

Baby Swans (cygnets) hatch between late April and the end of June

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From late April to the end of June, the baby swans, called cygnets, hatch at the Abbotsbury Swannery and visitors are treated to the spectacle of hundreds of these fluffy gray baby swans, spilling out of the nests, or off their mothers backs, and scurrying around the paths. Children are probably the luckiest visitors because, being closer to the ground, they have a much better chance of actually seeing the eggs hatching.

Visitor Essentials:

  • Address:Abbotsbury Swannery
    New Barn Road
    Abbotsbury nr. Weymouth
    Dorset DT3 4JG
  • Tel:+44 (0)1305 871858
  • Open:March 15 to November 7, every day, 10a.m. to 5 or 6 p.m. (ring to confirm closing time)
  • Coffee shop for lunches, snacks and drinks
  • Check their website for current admission fees

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