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House of Fraser - A Retailer in Search of a Raison d'Etre

House of Fraser - Handy But Haphazard


With all the stylish and well targeted shops around the UK, House of Fraser stores stand out mostly because they don't stand out. Founded in 1849 in Glasgow, the once proud owner of Harrods (which was separated from the chain in 1994), seems badly in need of a personality transplant. Though merchandise can be first class, with many exclusive designer products, for its price class, House of Fraser stores range from haphazard to dull.

What to Buy at House of Fraser

These are big department stores (often the biggest in their community or the anchor stores of second-string malls). Shop here for a mixture of fashion and beauty, clothing for the whole family, furniture, household goods and luggage. Generally, there are no toy departments. Prices range from moderate to high.

Where to Find House of Fraser

The chain has 63 stores around the UK, including four in Scotland and a shop in Belfast. There is also a Dublin store. Two of the Scottish stores are branded "Jenners". In the Midlands and around Birmingham, a handful of stores are branded "Beatties".

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