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Profile of Luxury UK Department Store Fenwicks

Proof That There's More to Great UK Shopping Than London


When Luxury UK department store Fenwicks - pronounced Fennicks - started out in Newcastle in 1882, it pioneered the concept of department store shopping in the UK. Today there are 8 branches of this privately-owned retailer carrying the Fenwicks name around the UK as well as three stores trading with different names.

Fenwicks is one of my favorite department stores. It offers a very good selection of fashionable merchandise that is different from what is on offer elsewhere and, unsually in a fashion store, staff are remarkably courteous, helpful and non-sizist to everyone.

What to Buy at Fenwicks

Every store is different, stocked to cater to the tastes of the local markets. The Newcastle store is huge, with 8 restaurants, a toy department, sporting goods and one of the biggest cosmetics halls in the UK. In York, a smaller and more intimate store offers clothing for men, women and children as well as selected items for the home. The London store has a baby department.

Basically all Fenwicks stores offer at least apparel and accessories for women and men. Some have departments for children and babies and some have designer home accessories.

Where to Find Fenwicks Department Stores

  • Newcastle - The first and the biggest, with 8 restaurants and cafes, a huge cosmetics department and more non- apparel departments than most other Fenwicks.
  • Bond Street, London - This is a lovely store. On a street noted for expensive fashion brands and haughty sales people, Fenwicks is an island of civility and realistic (though by no means cheap) prices. Staff are incredibly helpful. The designer departments are not intimidating - even if you are far from a size 0. Look for new European and up and coming designers here. The jewelry department has one of the best selections of designer costume jewelry and semi-precious stones of any London department store.
  • Leicester
  • Brent Cross, an outer London shopping mall.
  • York
  • Windsor
  • Tunbridge Wells
  • Canterbury
Find out more about individual stores and what they stock at Fenwick's website

Same Owners, Different Stores

Fenwicks also owns:
  • Bentalls in Kingston and Bracknell. These stores stock computers, small electrical goods and a broader range of homeware including furniture and linens. They also have more moderately priced or high street type brands.
  • Williams&Griffin in Colchester Essex with fashions, luggage, toys, salons, and children's departments. This store aims at a more conservative market, stocking upmarket but "safe" brands such as Jaeger, Farhi, Maxmara Weekend, Betty Barclay and Country Casuals. There is also a small department of more youthful, funky styles.

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