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Planning A Trip to the United Kingdom


Start planning your trip to the United Kingdom with this essential, know-before-you-go information. Find out about UK international airports, train travel and driving tips. Here's what you need to know about visas,passports, customs and immigration rules, health and emergency services. What should you pack, how much will things cost, which maps and guidebooks are best? And where should you go? Look here for key information about cities, towns and regions of the United Kingdom to help you decide. All this and lots more to empower you to plan your trip to the UK.
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Travelers' Essentials

Travellers Essentials

Do you need a visa? A special driving permit? How to you find a doctor and will you have to pay? Can you bring a dog? And what is all that money worth? Here's where to find the essential, practical information you need.

Itineraries, Getaways and Short Breaks

Bath Abbey and Pumprooms

Discover the UK with timed itineraries, and short breaks, here and there, all over the place. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket (and the usual suspects are London or Edinburgh), hop on a train or a bus and within a couple of hours you could be enjoying a thoroughly different vacation experience. The UK's smaller cities and towns are charming and varied. Its countryside, national parks and seashores are often breathtaking. And the best part is, all this history, landscape and adventure is packed into an area about the same size as New York State!

UK Money Savers

Be a smart traveler and learn how to save money on UK travel while making the most of all that England, Scotland and Wales have to offer. UK travel does not have to break the bank. Follow these top tips to find out how to save money on UK travel.

Getting to the UK


Before you book your trip to the United Kingdom, explore your travel options: airport choices, arriving by sea, or crossing from Europe via the Channel Tunnel.

Traveling Around the United Kingdom

Courtesy of ATOC

Check out how to get around in the UK. Here are the best ways to travel in the UK once you've arrived. Find out about train, coach and ferry travel as well as internal flights between the UK's biggest cities.

Cities and Towns

Photo courtesy of www.britainonview.com

Venture beyond London for more of Britain's riches - a 750 year old university town, a thatched village on the downs, the breeding ground of 21st century indie sounds, a medieval shrine and pilgrimage center. The United Kingdom is full of vibrant cities, villages and towns drenched with history. Get the flavor of Britain's cities and towns with quick travel guides, itineraries, maps and touring ideas.


Photo credit: © Ferne Arfin

Find stately homes and wonderful gardens, scenic rambles and traditional pubs. The places and destinations that define the essential England will often surprise you.


Photo courtesy of www.britainonview.com

From the bustling cities of the South to the remote lochs, from the distant islands to the rugged highlands, there's plenty to see and do in bonny Scotland.


The land of castles is also a country of rolling hills and valleys, majestic mountains and hundreds of miles of unspoilt coast. Wales, has its own distinctive culture, traditions, language - and amazingly spelled place names.

Places to Stay in England, Scotland and Wales

The Abbot's Fireside, 15th Century Hotel and Restaurant in Elham, near Canterbury

From charming B&Bs and vacation home rentals on the grounds of castles to romantic hideaways and chic urban hotels, from budget hostelries to the sky's the limit - whatever your travel style, find great places to stay throughout the United Kingdom.

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