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Planning Your First Trip to the United Kingdom - Ten Questions to Answer


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How Much Can You Spend?
How much will a vacation in the UK cost? There's no upper limit and minimums depend on the season, the last minute deals you can find, where you are starting out from and so forth. Consider these prices as approximate guidelines only:

Getting here: The round trip fare for two people flying to London from an East Coast USA departure point varies from about $1,500 to more than $2,000 depending upon the time of year. The cheapest flights, for two people, I found in the summer of 2011 were about $1,400 - on unnamed airlines using an online travel booking company.

    How to save: The price of some package tours - including car and hotel - can be less than booking a flight alone. I found a two-week vacation, including flights from New York with a scheduled airline, a car and a room for $1300 per person. The hotel looked very unappealing, but the savings on the flight and car were big enough to leave room in the budget for an upgrade - or for you to make independent accommodation arrangements. Most of the big transatlantic operators, including American Airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, offer good value packages.
Getting around: Renting the smallest car with a manual transmission will cost between $350-$500. To that, add the cost of gasoline and you'll see that renting a car - in a country with excellent trains and public transportation, may not be such a good idea. (On July 8, 2011, petrol in London averaged £1.33 per liter - about $8 a gallon.) Check daily petrol (gasoline)prices. Accommodations: The average price of a night in a UK hotel in 2010, was £83 - but the average price of acceptable hotel accommodation in most major cities was still above £100. Food and Drink: Expect to pay at least £25-£30 per person per day. Admissions: From £7-£15+ per adult, per attraction

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