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Planning Your First Trip to the United Kingdom - Ten Questions to Answer


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Who is Going?
Planning a trip to the UK probably seems pretty easy. The language is almost never a problem, the visa requirements are not particularly onerous for vacationers from North and South America as well as Australasia (most Europeans don't even need to bother with passports), and there's a good choice of ways to arrive and get around.

And, you know, it probably is as easy as all that. You could pop over to London and take a few day trips in the immediate area, then spend a day or two venturing a bit further afield - to Oxford or the Cotswolds or Stratford upon Avon and, hey presto, what a great vacation you've had.

But whether you buy your vacation basics for yourself, online, or use a travel agent to book a tour, a little advance planning can open your eyes to corners of the UK you never even heard of, let alone thought of visiting. Consider a few simple questions to turn a good trip into a great one.

What's Your Travel Profile?

Unlike some vacation destinations that are more suitable for couples than families, older than younger people, the United Kingdom has something for everyone. It's just a question of choosing wisely for your party. Perhaps you are: Being clear about exactly who is going to the UK - to the members of your party, yourself or your travel agent - narrows the infinity of choices and makes planning your UK trip that much easier.
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