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Eurostar High Speed Trains Through the Channel Tunnel


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Paris to London in No Time at All
Eurostar High Speed Trains at St Pancras, London

Eurostar High Speed Trains at St Pancras, London

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Eurostar high speed trains provide a passenger rail link through the Channel Tunnel to the UK. Running since the mid 1990s, Eurostar's city center-to-city center connections makes it an easier and more and eco-friendly alternative to flying for travelers who want to:
  • avoid crowded airports
  • minimize time getting to and from airports
  • minimize their carbon footprint by reducing the number of short flights they take.
  • Enjoy a bit of European scenery on the way to the UK.

Eurostar from Paris

Trains from Paris Gare du Nord to the center of London take about 2 hours and 15 minutes. These high speed trains also run direct to and from the Disneyland Paris Resort, just outside Paris, to London and to the Eurostar terminal at Ashford in Kent.

Other Eurostar Departure Points and Hubs for London

Eurostar has direct service between London and:
  • Brussels
  • Lille
  • Avignon
In ski season, Eurostar also runs a fast ski train to the French Alps.

All the Eurostar stations are linked to Europe's extensive rail network so it is easy to plan a train journey to or from the UK from practically anywhere in Europe - especially useful if you are touring Europe on a Eurail Pass.

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