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UK Customs Regulations - What Can You Bring Into the UK?


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Banned Goods Under UK Customs and Excise Regulations - What You Cannot Bring

Meats and meat products are among those that visitors cannot bring into the UK.

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As an arriving visitor, it's important for you to know about Customs and Excise regulations that apply to banned and special license goods. Banned goods are always confiscated and you could also face fines for trying to bring them into the UK.

These goods are banned outright:

  • unlicensed drugs
  • offensive weapons
  • Child pornography
  • Pornographic material
  • counterfeit and pirated goods
  • meat, milk and other animal products (If you arrive from within the EU you can bring these products with you but only if they are legally offered for sale in the EU country you have arrived from. You cannot, for example, bring bush meat into the UK no matter where you obtained it.).
And some goods are restricted and require special licenses:
  • firearms
  • explosives and ammunition
  • live animals
  • endangered species
  • certain plants and their produce
  • radio transmitters.
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