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Crossing the English Channel from Continental Europe


Crossing the English Channel:

Visitors have a good choice of options for crossing the English Channel from Continental Europe. Depending upon the departure point, taking a high speed train or a ferry can be a faster, cheaper, more comfortable and sometimes more eco-friendly choice than flying to the UK from Continental Europe.

Through the Channel Tunnel:

There are two ways to use the Channel Tunnel, one of the engineering marvels of the 20th century.


Cross Channel Ferry Companies:


  • Brittany Ferries
    • from Santander, Spain, and Roscoff, Brittany to Plymouth
    • from Cherbourg to Poole, Dorset
    • from Caen, Cherbourg and St. Malo, Brittany to Portsmouth
  • Condor Ferriesfrom St. Malo to Poole and Weymouth
  • LD Lines from Le Havre to Portsmouth and Newhaven and from Dieppe to Newhaven (summer only)
  • My Ferry Link from Calais to Dover
  • P&O Ferries from Calais to Dover
  • Norfolk Line from Dunkerque to Dover


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