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Average Precipitation and Rainfall in the UK


Average Precipitation and Rainfall in the UK

UK rainfall averages by city, in millimeters and inches, including wettest and driest months. These statistics were compiled from a variety of available sources including the UK Met Office and the BBC.

Average precipitation and rainfall in the UK may surprise you. Everyone has seen pictures of London in the fog, mist and driving rain. But actually, it's one of the driest spots in the UK.

Western Scotland, on the other hand, can be very wet. Glasgow, in the west, is only about 50 miles from Edinburgh, on the east, yet it has almost twice as much rain.

The truth is the UK has very changeable island weather. During the rainiest months, wherever you are in the UK, the chances are a little bit of rain may fall at any time. Buy yourself a mini-collapsible umbrella or a folding rain hat if it worries you. You may be surprised at how many fashionable women in London go hat and umbrella free unless a little bit of rain turns into a downpour.

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