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Weather in the UK - Climate in UK Cities

Important Weather Information for Planning a UK Vacation


Weather in the UK can be essential knowledge when planning a UK vacation. Get detailed weather data on major UK cities - in England, Scotland and Wales - to help you plan your trip.

Find out what to pack for London in winter or Edinburgh in the Summer. What are the rainiest months of the year in Glasgow and is Edinburgh equally wet or dry. Find out which months are rainiest in various cities, and what the average temperatures are throughout the UK.

Although the UK is about same size as Michigan, it is an island caught between the warmer Atlantic Gulf Stream and the frigid North Sea. That makes for a greater variety of changeable weather than you might expect. It may be at about the same latitude as Canada's Hudson Bay, yet the temperature climate means that palm trees will grow outdoors through the winter - even in parts of Scotland.

Use this guide to find the coldest-warmest-wettest-driest times of year wherever you are headed in the UK.

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Average Temperatures in England (Celsius)Average Temperatures in England (Fahrenheit)Average Temperatures in Scotland (Celsius)Average Temperatures in Scotland (Fahrenheit)
Average Temperatures in Wales (Celsius)Average Temperatures in Wales (Fahrenheit)Average Precipitation and Rainfall in the UK
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