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Calendar of UK Public Holidays from 2009 to 2014

Holiday Calendars for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland


These calendars of UK public holidays (usually called Bank Holidays because, with a few exceptions, the banks are closed on those days) will help you plan your visits and getaways through 2014.

Similar holidays are observed in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland but each member of the United Kingdom as a slightly different public holiday calendar.

Use these handy Public Holiday Calendars when making your UK travel plans.

Find Out More About UK Public or Bank Holidays

Take the Poll and Tell Us, Does Britain Need Another Bank Holiday for England and Wales?

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Bank Holidays England-WalesCalendar of Public Holidays in England and Wales to 2014Six Year Holiday Calendar Scotland. Bank Holiday Dates for 2009 to 2014Calendar of Public Holidays in Scotland - 2009 to 2014Ulster Bank Holiday CalendarCalendar of Public Holidays in Northern Ireland to 2014
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