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UK Nude Beach - Studland Bay in Dorset

An Official Nude Beach Managed by the National Trust in Dorset


The UK nude beach, Studland Beach in Dorset, is part of the National Trust's managed seashore on Studland Bay. It is regularly named to Britain's top beach lists, and the nude beach there, along the section known as Knoll Beach, is official and considered one of the best in the country.

The recently expanded 900 meter long section of Studland's 4-mile long white sand beach is the National Trust's only nudist beach and, according to the authors of Bare Britain, it is one of the UK's most popular and best known nudist beaches. In 2013, the designated nudist area of the beach was expanded to include more of the dunes as well.

Marine Conservation Society's annual Good Beach Guide 2013 Rating: Recommended (highest water quality standard)

Studland Nude Beach Essentials

  • Description: It is fine sand, backed by dunes and a large nature reserve. The nudist area is well marked with with green-topped posts and blue National Trust signs and the sea is usually calm. Studland Beach is popular with nudists and naturists of all ages, including family groups.
  • Facilities: There is a mobile refreshment kiosk parked in the middle of the nudist beach as well as a floating ice cream vendor who sails along the beach. Dress is optional for both. The Knoll Beach parking lot has a National Trust Visitor Center with showers, a shop, toilets and restaurant. Balloon-tire wheelchairs are available for the beach.
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  • Warnings: This is an official nudist beach and National Trust Wardens patrol discreetly. There have, apparently been reports of some unacceptable behavior in the dunes so nude beach-goers are advised to stay on the open beach.
  • Getting there A car ferry from Sandbanks in Poole, Dorset, crosses to Shell Bay. Drivers can also head for Swanage on the A351, turning left toward Corfe Castle on the B3351 to Studland. Follow the signs to the Knoll Beach car park. The nude beach is a 10 minute walk from the Knoll Beach car park and is well marked. Wiltshire & Dorset buses (150 and 152) travel between Poole or Bournmouth and Studland.

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