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Chelsea Flower Show - The Greatest Flower Show on Earth


Water Feature at Chelsea Flower Show 2006

The Cancer Research UK Show Garden designed by Andy Sturgeon,awarded Gold at the Chelsea Flower Show 2006. Photo by Michael Walter/Troika

Photo by Michael Walter/Troika
Come springtime in the UK, if someone asks, "Are you going to Chelsea?" it can only mean one thing. Serious gardeners the world over look forward to May for the annual Chelsea Flower Show.

For five days, the Royal Horticultural Society turns the grounds of The Royal Hospital, Chelsea into a series of fabulous show gardens, small gardens, horticultural displays and designs. This is where designers, plantsmen and plantswomen set the latest garden trends and where breeders launch their latest varieties.

Showing at Chelsea is very competitive and designers from around the world compete to be selected to create the 20 show gardens. Up and coming younger garden designers often get a chance to show their stuff in smaller gardens. And there are designs for urban gardens, courtyard gardens and rural gardens.

The Great Pavilion at the Chelsea Flower Show

There's a Great Pavilion, with more than 100 floral displays and exhibitors from around the world make sure their blooms are in peak condition for the show. And, of course, no major show these days would be complete without plenty to buy. Even if you can't take home any plant material, you can certainly catch up on the very latest in British and international gardening tools and accessories.

If you are planning on visiting the UK during the Chelsea Flower Show, it's a good idea to check the RHS's Chelsea Flower Show website as early as mid March because once tickets go on sale, they sell out fast.

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