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Great Days Out in Ightham - A Peaceful English Village With a Heart of Darkness


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Miss Marple Would Feel Right at Home on This UK Day Trip
Busty Lane

Dark doings down quaint little lanes like this one in Ightham, a village on the edge of Sevenoaks in Kent.

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Ightham, a tiny and peaceful English village in the heart of Kent, is pretty as a picture. But, have you ever noticed how, in traditional English murder mysteries, the blackest crimes take place behind the closed doors of cosy cottages in sweet little, picturesque country towns?

Agatha Christie's Miss Marple was forever stumbling across bodies in the gentle village of St Mary Mead. The British television series The Midsomer Murders has managed to churn eleven series worth of murder and mayhem out of the sleepy country villages of a fictional county. And, in the 60's cult television classic The Avengers John Steed and Emma Peel need only drive down a country lane with a funny name into a village of thatched, half-timbered houses and in no time at all, all hell would break loose.

Ightham, a sleepy little Kentish town, is that kind of place. It has tiny wee lanes with funny names, half-timbered cottages straight out of central casting...and a heart of darkness.

A Great Day Out

Luckily, it also has several good pubs, an Iron Age fort Oldbury Hill and a fabulous moated manor, Ightham Mote, to visit nearby. And it is only about 30 miles from London or 40 minutes from London's Victoria Station by train - so a fine place to spend a day out in the country.

Get in the Mood with An English Murder Mystery

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