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Contemporary Design in Silver and Metalwork - Artists Showcase in Galvanize


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Fine Art in Metal
Contemporary Design in Silver and Metalwork - Artists Showcase in Galvanize

At his studio, in Sheffield's Persistence Works, designer and silversmith Keith Tyssen describes the techniques used to make one of his signature double-skinned bowls.

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Designer-silversmith Keith Tyssen is one of the Sheffield artists working in the city's purpose-built artists studios, Persistence Works. Tyssen returned to silversmithing and related metalwork after retiring from a career that culminated in 16 years as head of the design department at Sheffield Hallam University. Today, he exhibits his work, which he describes as "useful artefacts in silver and other metals" in Europe, the USA and as far away as Australia.

Tyssen's work is much in evidence around Sheffield. Together with Brett Payne, Chris Knight and Alex Brogden, he was one of the artists who created Sheffield's Millennium Punchbowl - on show at the city's Millennium Galleries.

And if you arrive in Sheffield via the city's recently revitalized rail station Tyssen's work will be part of your first impression of the city. He was among the artists, again in a collaborative effort with Brett Payne and Chris Knight, who created the 90-meter-long, stainless steel sculpture and waterfall known as The Cutting Edge, just outside the station.

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