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MP3s, iPods, Portable DVD and Video - Five Great Gadget Gifts for Travelers



These Products Are No Longer Available

iLuv Portable Multi Media Player

iLuv Portable Multimedia Player
How cool is this! Take all your digital entertainment everywhere. Play DVD's and iPod videos in an 8.9" format. MP3 files play through powerful speakers or earphones. It works off rechargeable batteries, 100/240 AC or, with the included adaptor, a car power outlet. And it even has a remote control. Lazy or what?

iLuv Portable Mini Speakers

Ultra-compact portable stereo speakers are incredibly light and elegant - they weigh a mere 4 oz. in their soft travel case. Plug in an iPod, iPhone or pretty much any small audio device (a 3.5mm jack is included), and enjoy a remarkably full sound wherever you go. Available in a sexy, meshlike finish, in black or silver.

Now, here comes the science part - they apparently use echo-sound technology to enhance the depth and richness of the sound. Three AAA batteries are needed to operate it and, as usual, they are not included.

Kodak Mini Video Camera

Kodak mini video camera
Price Grabber
This might just be the smallest video camera ever. Kodak's mini video cam is about the same size as a credit card and skinny enough to fit into a jeans pocket. It has an integrated USB connector for easy sharing and it's even waterproof to 10 feet. This makes a terrific stocking stuffer for the YouTube/Facebook junky on your list. Or give one to every member of a traveling family to get the story from every angle.

Libre eBook Reader

Libra eBook Reader
You can carry a whole library in this digital reading device. Its intuitive navigation includes auto page turn, bookmarking, adjustable font size, screen rotation, definition look-up and content search. The 5" screen is designed to eliminate eye strain. The Libre eBook Reader comes with a 2GB SD card preloaded with 100 classics and capable of holding about 10,000 books. And, if you can't go anywhere without your own personal soundtrack, it even works as an MP3 player.

P-Flip Power Play Dock

P-Flip Dock
Slide an iPhone or iPod into this rechargeable battery operated dock and you've got enough power for 15 hours of video watching. Nicely balanced so you can watch hands-free, vertically or horizontally this lightweight device recharges with a USB connection. A battery life indicator tells you when time's nearly up. And it's compatible with iPhone 3G or 3GS, or iPod Touch, 1st and 2nd generation.

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