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A Lakeside Memorial


Princess Diana's Shrine on the Round Oval at Althorp

A solitary rowing boat waits to take visitors across the Oval Lake at Althorp to visit Princess Diana's burial site on the Round Oval.

Photo by Sion Touhig/Getty Images
The burial site of Princess Diana, on an island in the lake known as the Round Oval, is no longer open to the public. The shrine, visible here, is a classical temple on the lake shore that has been on the estate since the 1900s. It is not Princess Diana's grave but can be a place of quiet contemplation for visitors. An arboretum of rare specimen trees on the island surrounds the Princess's grave. Some of the trees were planted by Diana herself and by her sons, the Princes William and Harry.

Visit Althorp - Princess Diana's Childhood Home and Burial Site

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