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Romantic New Ideas for Your Valentine

Spend More Dash Than Cash on These UK Valentine's Day Treats


Make a big impression on your Valentine this year with these romantic ideas. Valentine's Day treats that are original and imaginative don't have to cost the earth. It's really a case of the thought that counts - as long as it's not an, afterthought, like a bunch of flowers from the gas station convenience store.

These romantic ideas for Valentine's Day make an unforgettable impression and are enjoyable for both of you. Only one costs a bundle, and that's so special that it's probably worth every penny.

Cuddle Up by a Wintry Sea

Tea in the Tree House at Loch Goil
The Lodge on Loch Goil
The Cary Arms is a historic seaside inn at the bottom of a steep hill in Devon. Overlooking Babbacombe Bay, the hotel has lovely, New England-style rooms, well-appointed and featuring huge windows. The views of the sea and the cliffs along the coast is magnificent. The fluffy robes, spongey slippers and luxury toiletries make it easy to simply indulge. Wander over to enjoy a massage a deux in a treatment room, or simply surface now and then to watch the dolphins and have a superb meal. A great place to hideaway with your honey.

Walk Across a London Bridge

St Paul's Cathedral seen at night from Waterloo Bridge
©Ferne Arfin

London's Tower Bridge may be the one on all the post cards and the Albert Bridge, with it's frivolous pink and blue paint job and its twinkly lights at night is certainly pretty. But for my money, one of the most romantic views of London is from the middle of Waterloo Bridge.

Bundle up warm and cuddle close to enjoy night time views of Parliament, St. Paul's Cathedral, The South Bank and the London Eye with their glittering lights reflected on the night black waters of the Thames. Then continue on over to the South Bank to warm up with a drink, a meal or a show.

Dress Each Other for a Big Night Out...or In

Man and Woman in Dressing Room
Getty Images

Have a fun day shopping together and let your partner outfit you in what he or she would like you to wear. Or be more mysterious - shop separately and present your partner with your chosen outfit before the big night.

You might be surprised about what you learn about each other so be sensible and remember it's all in fun. And do make sure to take a list of your partner's sizes or measurements with you to avoid disappointment.

There are certainly plenty of places around the UK to stock up on stylish clothes without spending the earth. Try one of the many designer discount outlets around the UK.

Have a Champagne Breakfast in Bed

Champagne Breakfast in Bed
Getty Images

We're big champagne drinkers in the UK. In fact we're France's biggest export customer of the fizzy stuff, 39 million bottles of French champagne in 2007 compared to only 22 million bottles downed by Americans. When the recession set in, French champagne imports to the UK fell a little bit (only 4%) but other sparklers took up the slack.

We don't need much of an excuse, in the UK, to pop our corks. A light, leisurely breakfast in bed with some homemade treats (how about English Marmalade and English Muffins) and a bottle of bubbly between you can turn a romantic morning into a very special event. If champagne isn't on your budget, the less expensive Spanish Cava or Italian Prosecco are nice alternatives.

Get Sweet and Sticky Together

Getty Images
There's nothing like getting messy by playing with food to bring out your partner's uninhibited side. Taking cooking workshops together can be loads of fun. For a romantic treat, learn to make something totally frivolous, sensuous and delicious:
  • Make cupcakes with your cupcake - The Cocoa Box holds Cupcakes and Cocktails Workshops in London and Brighton where you learn to make sweet treats and share a secret cocktail recipe.
  • They say chocolate is the food of love. Find out on a Chocolate Making Workshop or Chocolate experience.Chocolate Tourism UK) lists loads of chocolate-centered events and classes throughout the UK. Or check out online merchant BuyaGift.co.uk, which offers chocolate making workshops all over England.

Unwind at a Spa

Spa candle
Getty Images

Men are beginning to understand what women have known for a long time. Being pampered at a spa leaves you feeling sensuous, relaxed and fit - ready for anything. Spa days are nice but a couple of nights at a spa resort with a couple of leisurely treatments, gorgeous yet healthy food and the two of you spending two whole days in your dressing gowns can be a real treat.

  • The Menzies Welcombe Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon is a huge, elegant country house with a golf course and a spa that includes a lovely, sunlit pool.Compare Prices for the Menzies Welcombe Spa Hotel
  • We've also loved the Verbena Spa in Helmsley, North Yorkshire, which you can combine with a stay at the cozy Black Swan Hotel (Compare Prices) or Feversham Arms (Compare Prices).

Learn How to Pamper Each Other

Couples Massage
Getty Images

What could be more romantic than learning how to give each other massages using the best eastern and western massage techniques. You could go off to a spa for lessons but why not make it more private (and cheaper) by doing it yourself. Stock up on:

Then draw the drapes, turn off the phones and enjoy.

Pop the Question in Cupid's Capsule

The London Eye at Night
©Ferne Arfin

No, it's not some sort of space adventure but one of the most romantic settings we can think of for a very special romantic celebration.

With the whole of London as your backdrop, enjoy a private flight on the London Eye. The special package includes exclusive check-in and fast track boarding. Once on board, share a bottle of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne and a box of Charbonnel et Walker pink champagne truffles, served by your private host (no, you are not completely alone but he is very discrete).

The flight only lasts 20 minutes and at about £325 (in 2013), could be the most expensive 20 minutes you'll ever spend. But think of it this way. It's an investment in turning a romantic occasion into the memory of a lifetime.

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