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The Beautiful Beaches of England and Wales


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Whistling Sands in Porthor, Wales
Whistling Sands, Port Oer

Whistling Sands, Port Oer, Wales This National Trust Managed Coast is also known as Porthor.

britainonview/ Wales Tourist Board Photo Library
Porthor, also known as Port Oer, is a stretch of National Trust-owned beach and coastal path on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales. A highlight is the Whistling Sands, so called because the rounded grains of sand squeak when walked upon.

The sandy beach surrounds a bay that is popular with bodyboarders because of the way that the waves break in large swells. Seals have been known to join body surfers for a bit of fun.

The National Trust's gorgeous rental cottage, Plas Yn Rhiw, is nearby.

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