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The Royal Pavilion - An Exotic Setting for a UK Wedding in Brighton

Tie the Knot in a Palace Fit for a Rajah


Royal Pavilion Brighton

The Royal Pavilion Brighton with enough domes and towers to satisfy cravings for the most exotic wedding or civil partnership.

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If you've ever dreamed of marrying in an exotic palace, fit perhaps for a Mughal emperor, you may just be in luck.

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, George IV's summer house and Regency folly, has enough onion domes, towers and minarets to stand in for anyone's fantasy Indian palace. It's also available for civil marriage ceremonies and the increasingly popular civil partnerships for gay couples.

Ceremonies, performed by the City of Brighton & Hove Registrar take place in the elegant Red Drawing Room. The room retains most of the original features of the 1820s decorations, including palm tree pillars and red dragon wall paper. Receptions are in the King William IV Room, just above, with separate access from the Royal Pavilion's beautifully restored Regency Gardens. Later, the lucky couple can pose for photographs elsewhere in the Pavilion - the magnificent music room perhaps or the Long Gallery with its painted skylights and Chinese Chippendale furnishings.

No Dancing Please, We're British

Because the Royal Pavilion is a historic 18th and early 19th century building, much of it only recently restored, it isn't really suitable for lively celebrations or dancing. In fact, other than a harpist who can be hired to perform, music isn't actually allowed. Consider it for a wedding breakfast, perhaps, with a party to follow in another East Sussex locale.

Getting Sorted

For more information, get in touch with:
They'll supply a list of local caterers approved for the Royal Pavilion, including Brighton's outstanding seafood restaurant, Due South. And ask for their wedding brochure, full of information about local suppliers of everything from the rings, dress and flowers to personlized sticks of Brighton Rock for wedding favors.

What? You've never heard of Brighton Rock? It's the ultimate traditional seaside sweetie - inch thick, foot long sticks of stripey hard candy with your names, and perhaps a heart, embedded in the middle, from one end to the other.

Plan a Visit to Brighton

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