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UK Fire Festivals - Pictures of Winter Fire Celebrations Around the UK

Lighting Up the Night


All over the UK Fire Festivals light up and shorten the long, Northern European nights. Drawing on a heritage of Viking, Celtic, Anglo Saxon and ancient British traditions, and throwing in some modern high spirits for good measure, Brits don't need much of an excuse for lighting the touch paper to an assortment of fiery late autumn and midwinter celebrations. Giantic fireworks displays, huge bonfires, torchlight parades and breathtaking displays of fearlessness in the face of flames are all part of the UK Fire Festivals season. Take a look!
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Guy Fawkes BurnsRemember, Remember the Fifth of NovemberBurning Tar Barrel Run in Ottery St. Mary, DevonFlaming Tar Barrel in Ottery St. MaryUK Fire Festivals- Carrying the Flaming Tar Barrel in Ottery St. MaryThe Daring Young Man Under the Flaming Tar BarrelBrighton Fire FestivalThe Burning of the Clocks in Brighton
Hogmanay Parade - a UK Fire FestivalTorchlight Procession Kicks off Edinburgh's Hogmanay FestivitiesEdinburgh Hogmanay Ends in FlamesWicker Figure Meets at Fiery End on Carlton Hill, EdinburghStonehaven Fireball Swingers Welcome the New YearFireball Swingers Celebrate HogmanyStonehaven Fireball Swingers Disappear in FlamesAn Orgy of Flame at the Stonehaven Fireball Parade
Vikings March Through the Streets of Lerwick, Shetland, for Up Helly AaUK Fire Festival - Up Helly Aa in ShetlandCircle of Fire in Shetland's Up Helly AaA Dramatic Climax to Up Helly AaViking Longboat in FlamesViking Longboat is Licked By Flames
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