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Beehive Cottage

In the New Forest, Hampshire


The often photographed Beehive Cottage is a Grade II Listed historic building, probably built around 1833 for the gardener of a nearby estate.
Cottage in the Woods - Sleepy Thatched Cottage in New Forest, England

Beehive Cottage - Sleepy Thatched Cottage in the New Forest

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To get a closer look at Beehive Cottage, head for Swan Green, Lyndhurst, Hampshire in the New Forest. The green, which has a traditional cricket pitch, is about as picturesque as it is possible to be and remain real. There are several other thatched cottages in the area, many of them older than this one.

Beehive is a four bedroom house and is a private home. The owners must be accustomed to visitors photographing it because it is one of the most photographed cottages in the New Forest.

Visiting a Thatched Cottage

Most thatched cottages are private homes these days. And if you visit a pub with a thatched roof, chances are it will look like any other quaint country pub once you get inside.

If you are interested in seeing what the occupants of a typical thatched home had to live with in the days when the material covered most rural rooftops in Britain, plan Stratford-upon-Avon into your itinerary, with a stop at Anne Hathaway's Cottage. It's probably the most famous thatched cottage in the world and you'll get a very good sense of what it was like to live within it.

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