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Thatched Cottages - Country, Thatch-roofed Cottages in England and Wales

Picturesque thatched roofs turn on the country charm


Anne Hathaway's Cottage - being re-thatched in 2007 - may be the most famous thatched cottage in the world, but you don't have to look far to find another thatched roof. There are more thatched roofs in the UK than anywhere else in Europe. Thatchers have been practicing their craft here since people first began gathering in villages - before the middle ages.

A good thatched roof not only makes a country cottage picturesque - it is also very long lasting. A roof thatched by a skilled craftsman can last 40 to 50 years without needing refurbishment. These thatch-roofed cottages in England and Wales are among the prettiest we've seen.

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Team of Thatchers Repair a Thatched Roof in Buckinghamshire EnglandTeam of Thatchers Repair a Thatched Roof in Buckinghamshire EnglandThatcher works on a thatched cottage in Dorset EnglandAnchoring the Thatched RoofCottage in the Woods - Sleepy Thatched Cottage in New Forest, EnglandBeehive CottageHampshire cottage near Salibury EnglandPretty thatch in Rockbourne near Salisbury England
Half-timbered, thatched English country Pub, The Royal Oak in Cambridgeshire, EnglandThe Royal Oak - A Thatch-Roofed Country PubCountry Cottage in the Snow-OxfordshireThatched Cottage in Winter at Great Tew in OxfordshireThatched roof on hawk house at Chirk Castle WalesThe Hawk House, the Thatched Cottage at Chirk Castle in WalesThatched Cottage in Dorset Village of ShaftsburyA Thatched Cottage on Gold Hill, Shaftsbury, Dorset England
Tudor-style, thatched cottage in East Sussex EnglandTudor-style, thatched and half-timbered cottage in East Sussex EnglandEssex cottage - Country cottage with Thatch and WeatherboardingThatched Cottage in Essex
The Most Famous Thatched Cottage in the World
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