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Pictures of York England - A Gem of a City - York in Pictures

Roman, Viking, Medieval and Modern York in Pictures


The small northern English city of York wears its 2,000 years of history lightly. As seen in these pictures of York, the city's Roman, Viking and Medieval history, its relics, monuments and architectural treasures are woven into the fabric of everyday modern life.

Markets in the same squares and stalls they have occupied for hundreds of years sell the latest goods - everything from fruit and vegetables to snazzy hats, designer kitchen utensils and music DVDs. Surprising views of one of Europe's greatest Gothic Cathedrals crop up in the most unexpected places. Streets and lanes are scattered with exceptional black and white, half-timbered buildings. And smart jewelry boutiques fill shops on a street mentioned in the Domesday Book that has been a commercial center for 900 years.

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York City WallsYork's City WallsMicklegate BarMicklegate Bar - An Ancient Entrance to the City of YorkYork Minster from the City WallsWalking the Walls for Some of the Best Views of York and York MinsterThe Shambles, YorkThe Shambles - A Typical Medieval Shopping Street
Medieval figures in YorkMedieval Carvings and Ships Figureheads in YorkYork Minster seen from a laneYork Minster Seen From a LaneView of The West Front of York Cathedral View of The West Door of Medieval York Cathedral from Preceptors CourtThe Treasurer's HouseThe Treasurer's House - A Ghostly Hot Spot in York
St. Michael-le-Belfry Church in York, where Guy Fawkes was baptized.The Guy Fawkes Connection - St. Michel-le-Belfry ChurchThe Mansion House, YorkThe Mansion House, Home of York's Lord MayorThe York HospitiumThe Hospitium, YorkThe Barley HallThe Half-Timbered Barley Hall, Visited By Our Friend From the North
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