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Getting to the United Kingdom - Arriving in the UK by Air, Sea, Tunnel

Before you book your trip to the United Kingdom, find out the travel options you can choose from. Read about airport choices, arriving by sea, or crossing from Europe via the Channel Tunnel.
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Driving to the UK via the Channel Tunnel - Eurotunnel Car Transport to
Channel Tunnel Facts and Information. You can drive between Europe and the UK in your own car. Find out how easy it is to use the Eurotunnel shuttle through the Channel Tunnel.

Eurostar - High Speed Trains Through the Channel Tunnel
Eurostar is the high speed rail service through the Channel Tunnel between Europe and the United Kingdom. Learn how to travel with Eurostar and where you can travel from. Read about what a trip on Eurostar is like.

Across the English Channel Through the Channel Tunnel or By Ferry
Read about crossing the English Channel to the UK. Eurostar, Eurotunnel and a variety of ferry services serve visitors arriving in the UK from all over continental Europe.

How to Travel to the UK from Paris and Northern France
Plan a two country vacation. It's easy to travel from Paris and Northern France to the UK by train, plane, car, coach or ferry.

How to Travel to the UK from the South of France
Combine the UK with a South of France vacation for real pizzazz. It's fast, easy and reasonably priced.

Finishing Touches for a UK Vacation
A quick review of Holiday Extras.com a service that puts the finishing touches to UK vacation travel

The Truth About Budget Airlines - Are They Really Good Value?
Read a comparison between EasyJet and British Airways on a flight from Barcelona to London

Air Travel and Flights - Flight deals online
Airfare to the UK is one of the major - and fixed - expenses if you are coming from North America or further away. About.com's Air Travel guide has some good ideas about finding the best flight deals.

Iceland Volcano Travel Stories - Share Your Volcano Stories
Readers share stories about their epic journeys across Europe after the Iceland volcano grounded flights. See submissions

Cheap Flights and Hot Deals to UK Airports - Find Cheapest Flights to the UK
Cheap Flights - Find Cheapest Flights to airports around the UK - plus special hot deals regularly updated.

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