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Bus and Coach Travel Overview - Find Schedules, Routes and Fares


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Find UK Intercity Bus Routes, Schedules and Timetables
Long Distance Coach on Coastal Road in Wales

Long Distance Coach on Coastal Road in Wales

courtesy of www.britainonview.com
Quite a few different private companies operate intercity buses - or coaches, as they are called in the UK. Coach terminals are usually at or close to main line rail stations. In the bigger cities, intercity coaches as well as coach departures for Europe may have pick ups at several central city and metropolitan area stops. Out in the country, coaches may stop at important landmarks and even shopping centers, to collect intercity travelers.

Fortunately, you don't have to be a detective to work out intercity bus routes, timetables and fares.

Get impartial information about bus routes and schedules

These easy to use, independent websites offer free information to enable you to plan an intercity coach journey around the UK:
  • Traveline - An online information portal with impartial journey planning information about all public transport services – buses, coaches, trains, ferries, trams, metro and underground - in England, Wales and Scotland. Some information may be provided by links to regional transportation websites. Most Traveline information relates to journeys that begin and end at stations, bus stops or points of interest. If you can't get to a computer while traveling, you can telephone Traveline on 0871 200 22 33.
  • Transport Direct - Using this website, you can plan a door to door journey with information about every form of transportation - including car routes and walking distances from the nearest station to your final destination. The website comes with a raft of handy tools that you can download into a laptop, Blackberry or cell phone for information on the go.
  • Translink - Up to date information on all forms of public transportation in Northern Ireland, including local and express buses, trains, sightseeing tours and the Belfast Metro.
Now let's find out about the main coach companies and where to buy intercity bus tickets.

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