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Stations Made Easy - World's First Online Rail Travel Accessibility Guide


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How to Use Stations Made Easy on National Rail Enquiries
Stations Made Easy - World's First Online Rail Travel Accessibility Guide

Stations Made Easy Overview Page

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To use Stations Made Easy, find your way to National Rail Enquiries. This useful website, is always my first stop when planning a train journey. With it you can search for train schedules, routes, the best fares and station information in an easy to navigate - if slightly messy looking - website. (I'm told, by the way, that they will soon be doing something about the National Rail Enquiries website's appearance)

Here's what to do next:

  1. From the tabs at the top of the page, pick "Stations & Destinations.
  2. Enter the name of your chosen station in the search box located under the "Station Facilities" headline and hit search. If there is more than one station with a similar name, you may get a further drop down list and search button. Or you may go directly to the Station Facilities page for your chosen station.
  3. Scroll down through the list in the blue shaded box in the center of the page to the Stations Made Easy link and click on it
  4. You've now arrived at the Stations Made Easy Overviewpage for your chosen station. It shows a Station Plan, like the one of Waverley Station in Edinburgh, in the picture above. If you click on this map it will enlarge and the various icons and symbols will become live and interactive.
When you're ready, click on the middle tab - marked with a green arrow above - for more detailed accessibility information.

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