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AA Road Atlas Britain - The Most Popular UK Motoring Guide

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AA Road Atlas Britain

AA Road Atlas Britain

The Bottom Line

As map books go, this one is the classic, standard UK road atlas. If you are touring the UK by car, on a bike or a cycle, this is the most thorough guide to all roads - including some private roads and unnumbered lanes. It is a "must-have" for anyone who enjoys the freedom of the open road.
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  • Easy to read map pages
  • Based on the UK's accurate and thorough OS Survey maps
  • Comprehensive index with more than 30,000 listings
  • Static and some mobile speed cameras listed
  • Gas stations and "park and ride" areas often marked


  • Key doesn't explain all map symbols
  • Route numbers of smallest roads sometimes confusing


  • Published by the Automobile Association of Britain
  • 328 pages, 30.7 x 23.7 x 2.7 cm
  • Three miles to the inch
  • Plastic spiral binding

Guide Review - AA Road Atlas Britain - The Most Popular UK Motoring Guide

You really can't do better than having this reliable old standby along with you on the road. Satellite navigation systems may be all the rage but how many of them stay up to date with all the speed cameras on the road.

The numbers on this book are mind boggling. Some 31,000 listings in the index; hundreds of city, town and port plans; airports, top tourist sites, hospitals and emergency rooms indicated. The 21st edition even includes new "Jam Busting Maps" to help you find your way around rush hour traffic jams. And it's a handy size for use in a car. Hands down, this is the best.

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