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Traveling Around the UK - Train, Bus, Ferry and Motorway Travel

Information about getting around the UK. The best ways to travel once you've arrived in the UK include train, coach and ferry travel as well as internal flights between the UK's biggest cities. Here's your need to know information about them.
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UK Transportation Options That Fit Your Travel Personality
Compare the UK's transportation options with your own travel preferences and style to find your perfect travel match. How you choose to get around depends upon what kind of traveler you are.

My Snowy Travel Adventures in the United Kingdom
Readers contribute their pictures and stories about the unusual snowy cold spell in Britain

Before You Leave Home, Remember to Note Your British Post Codes
British Post Codes are vital to addresses in the UK. Don't overlook those numbers and letters at the end of British addresses - or you could find yourself lost

British Post Code Finder
You know all those little numbers and letters at the end of a British address? With so many duplicate street names, that Post Code is essential for getting around. Try this tool from the Royal Mail to find any post code in the UK.

UK Know Before You Go - The Countryside Code for England and Wales
The Countryside Code for England and Wales is a list of rules for free access to the countryside - it's important in the UK to know before you go

UK Know Before You Go - The Scotland Outdoor Access Code
The Scotland Outdoor Access Code is a list of rules for free access to all of Scotland's countryside - it's important in the UK to know before you go

Bus and Coach Travel Overview - Find UK Bus Schedules and Routes
Find bus schedules, cheap tickets, bus routes throughout the UK. Get on the Buses to save money. UK buses and coaches are the cheapest way to get around for intercity and local UK travel.

AA Road Atlas Britain - The Most Popular UK Road Atlas
The AA Road Atlas Britain is the most complete and authoritative UK Road Atlas available. It is a "must have" for visitors touring the UK by car, bike or cycle.

Tips for Driving in the UK
Read about Driving in the UK. Top Tips and pointers for visitors about driving on the left side of the road in the UK.

Do I Need An International Driving Permit in the UK?
Should you buy an International Driving Permit? Do you need one to drive in the United Kingdom? Find out about International Driving Permits (IDPs), who should buy one and where.

Getting Around London - Find Free London Tube Maps
Find everything you ever need to know about traveling around London on the Tube, plus where to find free tube maps - from About.com's guide to Student Travel, Kathleen Crislip.

Greyhound Bus Travel Revisited - A Traveler's Review of Greyhound UK
Read a professional traveler's review of the new Greyhound bus services in the UK. Find out what a trip on Greyhound UK is like.

Walberswick Ferry
The Walberswick Ferry is a row boat that crosses the mouth of the Blythe is Suffolk. It is also a licensed Ferry

Unusual Ferries Around the United Kingdom
The idea of ferry services around the United Kingdom makes most people think of big, car carrying ferries that cross the English Channel, the North and Irish Seas to the Continent, Jersey and the Isle of Wight; to the Scottish islands, the Isle of Mann and even to Scandinavia. But the UK's long coast, deeply indented with creeks and rias (deep...

Which BritRail Pass Should I Buy?
Which BritRail Pass suits your vacation plans. What kinds of BritRail Passes can you buy.

Climb Aboard The World's Shortest Flight - in Orkney
The world's shortest flight joins two island's in the Orkney group. It's in the air about 47 seconds. Climb aboard and experience it.

Visit Great Britain Without Ever Touching London
Great Britain in the summer shows off for all its worth. Here's how to enjoy it without getting caught up with London costs and crowds.

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