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Sausage Recipes - Bangers and Mash, a Classic British Pub Dish


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British Sausages - Something to Bang On About
Old Fashioned English Shop

Old Fashioned English Shop

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No trip to England is complete without a meal in a pub. Lately, the venerable dish bangers and mash -- essentially good sausages with mashed potatoes and gravy -- is having something of a revival with splendid sausages being served up in pubs across the land.

If you've been traveling along the South Down's Way, stopping in some of the nicer pubs recommended by our Pub Pundit, H.O. Ward, you may have already sampled some of the high quality versions made from traditional recipes and available from traditional butchers in the region.

Mind you, the Great British banger didn't really need a revival. In fact, you'd be hard pressed in the British Isles to a find a more universally popular food. The British eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner (according to some sources, 44 per cent of British sausages are eaten at the evening meal). Even vegetarians indulge - in meatless recipes, of course. In fact, the average Brit eats about 4.5 kilos (that's 10 pounds) of sausages a year.

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