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Visit a Distillery to Learn How Scotch Whisky is Made on Speyside


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The Solera Vat at Glenfiddich
Visit a Distillery to Learn How Scotch Whisky is Made on Speyside

The Solera vat at Glenfiddich is never emptied but it always half full. Malt whisky is "married" in this vat to produce one of the distilleries speciality whiskys, a 15-year-old favored by the malt master, so I'm told.

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Every scotch whisky maker has its own special varieties. Along Speyside, whiskies are generally fruitier or more floral than the peatier whiskies made in the west of Scotland. Whiskies from Glenfiddich, for example, often have notes of pear, vanilla and rose.

Whisky makers impart different characters to their products through various kinds of finishing and final ageing. Besides bourbon casks and sherry butts, for example, whisky can be aged in casks from Caribbean rum.

One of Glenfiddich's speciality whiskies is a 15-year-old Solera Reserve (Compare Prices) that is "married" in a huge Solera vat, a vat that had once been used to mature solera sherry. The Solera vat is never emptied so the whisky married in it develops complex, multi-layered qualities.

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