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Bacon Sarnie - What is the Definition of a Bacon Sarnie


Bacon Sarnie

Bacon Sarnie

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Definition: A bacon sarnie is a kind of bacon sandwich usually eaten for breakfast by students, by workman, by ravers after an all nighter and by anyone who wants to indulge in a childish, guilty pleasure. To be authentic, a bacon sarnie is made of two slices of the cheapest kind of untoasted white bread, spread with butter and filled with a lot of bacon. Sometimes ketchup or HP Brown Sauce is added.

If the bacon sandwich is made on a soft roll, rather than white bread, it is usually called a bacon butty.

To be honest, for anyone who is health conscious to the slightest degree, there is nothing whatsoever to recommend a bacon sarnie. But the truth of the matter is, they do taste rather nice.

Pronunciation: SAH' nee

Also Known As: Bacon sandwich

Examples: There's not much meat in my bacon sarnie!

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