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Brighton's Fire Festival - The Burning of the Clocks

Brighton marks the winter solstice with parades, fireworks and flames


Brighton Burning of the Clocks Parade

Brighton Burning of the Clocks Parade

  • What: A festival for people of all ages that includes a parade, the burning of homemade lanterns on Brighton Beach and big display of fireworks over the English Channel
  • When: December 21 - the winter solstice, beginning at 6:30 p.m.
  • Where: Through the streets of Brighton, along North Street, Ship Street, Bartholomews, East Street and Madeira Drive. For best viewing, watch the parade arrive at Madeira Drive.
  • Admission: Free
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After the Winter Solstice - the longest night of the year - the days begin to get longer at last. Brighton celebrates the lengthening days with its own local twist on a typical Northern fire festival - The Burning of the Clocks.

The event includes a themed parade with as many as 1,000 participants (The 2007 theme - The Tower of Babel), followed by the burning of paper and willow lanterns on the beach and a fireworks parade.

Make a lantern to burn on the beach

Lantern making workshops are held ahead of the event to make the paper and bamboo lanterns that are burned on the beach. The workshops book up early but lantern making kits for Burning the Clocks are usually available from various outlets in Brighton so that you can make your own lantern at home. Only approved lanterns are allowed on the beach on the night.

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