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February Festival and Events Roundup

An overview of events and festivals throughout the UK during February


Boy in a Coracle

Paddling pool stands in for the sea when would-be young Viking tries traditional coracle during York's Viking Festival in February.

©Valerie France

Updated January 24, 2013

Longer Days, Snowdrops and Loads to Do

Between New Year's and Good Friday there is not a single Bank Holiday in the UK. People compensate by finding their own ways of having fun - and February is just crammed with festivals and special events.

UK Climate Averages for February

A bit dryer and about twice as much sunshine as January - not to mention significantly longer days - make up for the fact that the temperature is about the same - still wintry and windy. Here are the 30 year averages, to 2000, from the UK Met Office to help you decide what to pack:
  • High - 44°F (6.9°C)
  • Low - 34°F (1C)
  • Average daily hours of sunshine - 2.41
  • Average monthly rainfall - 2.36" (60.1mm)
  • High - 41°F (5.2°C)
  • Low - 32°F (-0.1°C)
  • Average daily hours of sunshine - 2.075
  • Average monthly rainfall - 4.86" (123.6mm)
  • High - 44°F (6.6°C)
  • Low - 34°F (1.1°C)
  • Average daily hours of sunshine - 2.26
  • Average monthly rainfall - 4.48" (114mm)

Check out average temperatures and rainfall throughout the year, all around the UK.

Daylight Hours

All over the UK, the hours between sunrise and sunset grow by about two hours. More time to spend sightseeing out of doors.

Culture and Heritage

  • Darwin Day and The Shrewsbury Darwin Festival Throughout February, Shrewsbury celebrates its famous native son with events, walks, lectures and workshops such as the Evolution Game and Monsters in Your Garden with a mini-beast safari. Toast the great man on Darwin Day, Feb. 12. In 2013, the Darwin Festival lasts from February 10 to 23.
  • Bath Literature Festival best novelists and poets from the UK and abroad. Annual event at the end of February or beginning of March(March 1 to 10 in 2013)
  • Jorvik Viking Festival Jorvik Viking Centre, York, England. Annual Viking celebration and the best way to get a hands-on experience of what it would have been like to be a Viking. Feb.16-24 in 2013.
  • Cornish Hurling An ancient game now only played in St. Ives on Feast Monday (The first Monday after February 3) and St. Columb Major on Shrove Tuesday. The mayor throws a silver ball from a town wall. It is passed in a rough and tumble scrum through the village and whoever has possession at noon receives a traditional reward of five shillings from the mayor.
  • Olney Pancake Race , Market place, Olney, Buckinghamshire, Shrove Tuesday, Feb. 12 2013. "Housewives" in aprons run a 400 meter dash.


Music and Performing Arts

Food and Drink

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