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UK Festivals and Events - What's On and What's Happening in the UK

Plan your UK trip to take in one of the hundreds of festivals and special events that take place all over Britain. From celebrations of ancient traditions, to huge opera, theatre and rock festivals, something special is happening somewhere in the UK every day of the year. Check here for a calendar of events in England, Scotland and Wales.
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  2. Christmas Around the UK (46)
  3. Easter in the UK (6)
  4. Fire Festivals in the UK (16)
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  7. The Edinburgh Festivals (20)
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  9. UK Music Festivals (37)

What's On in the Fall - Top Autumn Music and Arts Festivals in the UK
If you're still in a music festival mood once the summer is over, check out these autumn music and multi-arts events around the UK.

Take Part in a Summer of Pride
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual communities party with Pride all over Britain. Find out about your nearest summer Pride festivals.

Where to Watch London Olympics 2012 Free
Watch the London Olympics on big screens, free around the UK

Crazy Sports Around the UK - 2012 Alternatives for Sports Fans
These crazy sports events around the UK are definitely not the Olympic games

Britain should have a new Bank Holiday to celebrate...
Readers tell us why Britain should have a new Bank Holiday

Chinese New Year Celebrations Around the UK - Find UK Chinese New Years Parties
Find out where to celebrate Chinese New Year in the UK. Chinese New Year festivities around the United Kingdom.

Biggest UK Chinese New Year Celebrations in 2014
Chinese New Year 2014 is the Year of the Horse. Find the biggest celebrations in the UK.

Top Tips for Music Festival Camping in the UK
The best and biggest festivals always involve camping. If this is your first festival, put aside any ideas you have about waking up to birdsong and the smell of fresh air and greenery and keep these pointers in mind for stress free festival camping.

What is Pantomime or Panto? What is a Traditional Panto or Pantomime in Britain?
Panto or Pantomime is a British tradition of winter musical comedy for the whole family. Frequently starring celebrities, it has nothing to do with silent performances as it is one of the noisiest sorts of theatrical show you can attend in the UK.

The Best of Britain's Weird and Wacky Folk Traditions
The British are masters of the weird and wacky. From cheese rolling in Gloucestershire and fireball whirling in Scotland, to Morris Men dancing and banging sticks, or hobby horses terrorizing villages on May Day, there are wonderfully eccentric traditions all over the British Isles.

Highland Games - All About Traditional Highland Games in Scotland
Find out about Highland Games, including the Braemar Gathering and other traditional Scottish Highland Games and Highland Dances in September

Celebrate Thanksgiving in the United Kingdom - Turkey Day in the UK
Check this up-to-date list to find out where to enjoy Thanksgiving around the UK

National Holidays in the United Kingdom
A list of national holidays, called bank holidays, in the United Kingdom. What to expect on a bank holiday in the UK.

Newly Discovered Photos From The Beatles' HELP! Era on Exhibition
Newly discovered photos by Michael Peto show the young Beatles on the brink of megastardom during the filming of HELP!

Wacky Race and Weird Traditions - Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire
Cheese-rolling is a wacky annual race and bizarre Cotswolds tradition in Gloucestershire. Participants throw themselves down a steep hill to chase a cheese. They've been doing it for hundreds of years.

Five UK Festivals of Summer Music
Not all music festivals are alive and in the UK they come in all shapes and sizes. Check out these alternative summer music festivals.

Festival Survival Guide - Top Tips for the UK Music Festival Season
The Glastonbury Music Festival at the end of June may be the biggest summer music festival in the UK but it isn't the only one. In fact, there are more than 300 summer music festivals in the UK and Ireland. They are huge, excessive and brilliant fun if you come prepared and avoid the pitfalls. These top survival tips will get you to hassle free fun throughout the UK summer festival season.

Stinging Nettle Eating Championships
At the Dorset Pub, the Bottle Inn, locals and visitors compete every year to see who can eat the most stinging nettles (really). They're aiming for a Guiness record this year. It's all part of Summer Solstice madness.

May Festival and Events Roundup
UK Festivals and Events for May. Read about top music festivals, antique fairs, horse shows, sports events, art shows, flower shows, heritage festivals and hobbyist fairs.

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