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A Short Visit to the Northumbrian Coast


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Another Northumberland Beach Walk - Alnmouth to Warkworth
A Short Visit to the Northumbrian Coast

Warkworth Castle from across the River Coquet

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Coastal castles are Northumberland’s local speciality and another impressive fortress, Warkworth Castle and Hermitage, is an easy four mile walk south from Alnmouth.The castle is owned and managed by English Heritage and open to the public.The Hermitage, across the river and a short walk from the castle, is a tiny 14th century chapel, carved out of rock, with the remains of the hermit's house, chapel, confessional and dormitory.

Walkers from Alnmouth must cross the River Aln using the road bridge. The river may look deceptively easy to wade at low tide but this isn’t safe enough to recommend. After that, there are several routes, either along the beach or using well marked inland paths.

Warkworth Castle was first recorded as having been captured by the Scots in 1173. After some 500 years of continued turmoil, battle and fortification, it was badly damaged in 1648 during the English Civil War. For many years it was home to the powerful Percy family (who now live in Alnwick Castle).

After seeing the castle, the pretty village of Warkworth is also well worth a visit.

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