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Christmas Tree Ornaments From the British Museum

Fun and Collectible Ornaments You Can Buy Online


Relive happy times in Britain or dream of UK travels to come by decorating your Christmas tree with these cute collectible British Museum ornaments. From Wedgewood baubles to flying reindeers, London buses to Egyptian cats, these exclusive British museum ornaments bring a touch of old England to your holiday decorations. These and other heritage ornaments like them are usually available in the run up to Christmas from the British Museum online shop.

Wedgewood The Night Before Christmas Bauble

Wedgewood Christmas Bauble
Courtesy of the British Museum Shop
Christmas Eve scenes decorate this lovely blue and white porcelain Christmas tree ornament from Wedgewood. Made of genuine Jasperware, a style of white relief decoration on matt porcelain that Josiah Wedgewood himself perfected in the 18th century, the detail on this collectible bauble is astonishing. As Santa fills the stockings hanging by the fire, you can see exactly what he's left for the children and even the time of his arrival on the mantelpiece clock. Wedgewood issues new Christmas ornaments every year so they're very collectible and a nice annual gift for a family member. And really, how much more British can you get?

Blown Glass British Museum Treasures Ornaments

British Museum Replica Ornaments
Courtesy of the British Museum Shop
If you've visited the British Museum, this set of five, hand painted, mouth-blown glass will certainly make you smile. They're based on some of the museums greatest treasures. Of course there's an Egyptian mummy. The set also includes a model of a Lewis chess piece, the Aztec double-headed serpent from the museum's popular turquoise mosaic, an Egyptian black cat sculpture and the museum's iconic Bloomsbury building itself. They range in size from about an inch to about 2.5 inches high. They make a great gift for a family planning a UK trip - later you can send the children in search of the real objects at the British Museum.

London Icons Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments

London Icon Christmas Ornaments
Courtesy of the British Museum Shop
Another adorable set of UK holiday memories for the Christmas tree. This boxed set of hand painted, mouth-blown ornaments, all about two inches tall, includes such classic icons as Big Ben, a double-decker London bus, a black London taxi, a Royal Guardsman in his tall, black shako and a red London telephone booth. See how many of these the kids can spot while watching a Peter Pan video or reading the classic story set in London and Neverland.

Leaping Reindeer Ornament - Exclusive to the British Museum

British Museum Leaping Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornament
Courtesy of the British Museum Shop

A leaping reindeer, fashioned in high quality, high polish pewter and engraved with three snowflakes, will keep its brilliant shine without tarnishing or rusting and without needing polish pretty much forever. Each ornament, specially designed for the British Museum, is individually engraved with a subtle BM at the base - an indication of its exclusivity. Nicely packaged for presentation in an organza bag, the ornament is supplied with a red satin hanging ribbon.

And you can create a small collection of these exclusive British Museum pewter ornaments, with their engraved "BM" marks, by adding two more ornaments to the set. An old-fashioned snowflake shape is surely one of the most classic Christmas tree ornaments around and has a very Victorian style - fitting when you consider that Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's consort first popularized the decorated Christmas tree in Britain.

Last but not least, finish the set with a perfect little Christmas tree, this one supplied with an emerald green hanging ribbon and packed in a toning organza bag. The sparkle of these pewter ornaments, reflecting holiday lights and candles adds an especially festive feeling to your Christmas decorations. It's stamped with snowflakes and twinkling stars as well. And - this was news to me until just now - pewter is the third most precious metal - after platinum, gold and silver.

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