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A Country House Christmas - Celebrate the Holidays at a UK Country Hotel

Christmas Holiday Luxury Getaways in the United Kingdom


This Christmas, some lucky people will be spending the holiday before a roaring blaze, in a house aglow with festive lights and snuggled under blankets of snow. Delicious tidbits and wonderful drinks will be passed around while delightful company, including some new friends, enjoy traditional party games, fresh country air, surprise presents and a series of feasts prepared by unseen but very capable hands.

No, not Grandma and all the Aunties in the kitchen. These fantastic meals will be prepared by professional chefs at the top of their game.

A British country house Christmas is one of those fantasy breaks lots of people dream about. This year, why not let someone else put up the tree and wrestle with the lights? These are the Christmas breaks offered by hotels we've visited and enjoyed. Though this feature is based on 2010 breaks, the pattern of Christmas in a British Country House Hotel doesn't change much from year to year.

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Ardanaiseig at ChristmasChristmas at Ardanaiseig Hotel on Loch AweThe Black Swan at ChristmasA Yorkshire Village Christmas at The Black SwanCary Arms at ChristmasChristmas at the Cary ArmsCliveden at ChristmasChristmas at Cliveden
Cringletie House at ChristmasCringletie House at ChristmasChristmas at Feversham ArmsChristmas at The Feversham ArmsFishmore Hall at ChristmasChristmas at Fishmore HallHolbeck Ghyll at ChristmasChristmas at Holbeck Ghyll
Isle of Eriska at ChristmasChristmas at the Isle of EriskaThe Old Swan and Minster Mill for ChristmasChristmas at The Old Swan & Minster MillChristmas in the 15th Century Swan at LavenhamChristmas DecorationsChristmas and New Year at Ellenborough Park
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