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Practical Tips for UK Travelers

Standing at the bar with money in your hand and no idea what to order or from whom? These practical tips and pointers will help you avoid those little stranger gaffes.

5 Tricky Scams That Target Tourists
When the weather gets warm, tourist scams, con games and grifters multiply in crowded spots. Keep your eyes peeled for these 5 common traps.

How Stuff Works - In Your UK Vacation Rental
How stuff works - some practical tips about feeling at home in your UK Vacation rental.

Tap Water on Tap for London Travelers
As Hammersmith becomes UK's first station to offer free drinking water system for travelers, find out where else to find free water on the move.

England is Flooded...Should You Cancel Your Trip?
Flooding in the UK doesn't have to spoil your vacation. Find out how to cope with extreme weather if you travel in the UK in winter.

How to Pack for an All-Weather UK Summer
Tips and pointers about packing light for an any kind of weather the UK summer can throw at you.

Make the Most of Solo Travel in the UK
Traveling Solo? Find out why the UK is such a good solo destination and how to make the most of a vacation on your own in the United Kingdom.

Eating in the UK - A Quick Guide to Some Mysteries of the British Table
What ordinary people eat in the UK and how they eat it can cause confusion and amusement for visitors. Here are some things to know before you chow down in Britain.

More Eating in the UK - You Call That What?!
British foods are usually not that different from US and continental foods. It's just the language that's confusing and the names that can catch you up.

Things to Never Do in the United Kingdom
It may seem just like home with a different accent, but the UK is a a country with its own strong traditions, manners and mores - and driving rules! Here's what not to do.

Cost Cutting Tips and Stress Busting Strategies for 2012 in London and Britain
Wish you could visit the UK in 2012 within your budget, without the crowds and hassle. Well you can. Find out how to take part in the UK's super summer of Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee without going broke or going mad.

5-Year Calendar of UK Public Holidays - 2014 to 2018
2014 - 2018 Calendar of public holidays or bank holidays in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to help you plan your trip.

Travel Tips for the London 2012 Olympics
Essential tips and products to help you stay warm, dry and comfortable in London and en route for the super Olympics and Diamond Jubilee summer of 2012.

The Truth About the 10 Most Common UK Myths& Misconceptions
So you think you know the UK because you've read the book and seen the TV series. Now find out the truth about the 10 most common myths about Britain

What If You Find Hidden Treasure with a Metal Detector
Treasure hunting for hidden treasure with a metal detector in the UK. Find out what is treasure trove, who it belongs to and what you should do if you find a horde of anglo saxon gold.

Six Places to Stay Close to London
Sux places to stay that are within easy reach of London with have plenty of charm and attractions of their own.

Movie Britain - The United Kingdom on Film
Find out about movies made in Britain and see where your favorite UK movie was made.

These Hotel Alternatives Are the Fun Way to Save Money in the UK
Budget-friendly alternative accommodations can keep you traveling even when you're cash strapped. And they're fun!

English Heritage, Historic Scotland and The National Trusts
What are English Heritage, The National Trust, The National Trust for Scotland, Historic Scotland and Cadw. Find out who looks after the castles, stately homes, ruined abbeys and green spaces of England, Scotland and Wales

How to Stay Green on Your UK Vacation
Sustainable vacations don't have to mean staying home. Find out how to keep your UK vacation green.

Top 10 Tips for a Great British Breakfast
Valerie France gives her top tips for a Great British hotel breakfast

UK Public Holidays from 2009 to 2014
Bank Holidays in England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, UK Public and National Holidays 2009 to 2014

Practical Pointers from the Travel Pros
About.com's Travel community has lots of good ideas for avoiding travel hassles and putting the fun back in traveling. Check out this round-up of useful tips and ideas. Everything from what to do about lost luggage to how to use a squat toilet!

How to Choose Power Adaptors and Electrical Coverters for UK Travel
Planning to use your North American or Japanese electrial devices in the United Kingdom? You'll need adaptor plugs and you may need a power converter or transformer as well. Find out what electrical accessories you need to make your appliances compatible for traveling in the UK.

Just One Plug - That's All It Takes
Just one plug is all you need to travel light with your electronics in the UK.

How to Keep Cool in a UK Heatwave
Most visitors don't expect a heatwave in the UK and have no idea about how to keep cool in Britain because cold snaps during the summer months can be just as common. But every summer sees hot weather days increase and temperatures breaking higher records in the UK. With airconditioning and ice cold beer still uncommon, a UK heatwave can be a lot...

How to Order a Beer - Unlocking the Mysteries of the British Pub
Intimidated by British Pubs. This visitors guide will smooth the way. Find out how to order, what to order, and how to fit right in at a Great British Pub

Cheap Eats in the UK - 12 Money Saving Mealtime Ideas
Keep food costs low on a visit to the UK with these money saving mealtime tips.

National Holidays in the United Kingdom
A list of national holidays, called bank holidays, in the United Kingdom. What to expect on a bank holiday in the UK.

Tips for Driving in the UK
Read about Driving in the UK. Top Tips and pointers for visitors about driving on the left side of the road in the UK.

Weather in the UK - Climate in UK Cities
Weather in the UK can be important information for planning a UK vacation. Get detailed temperature and rainfall data on major UK cities to help you plan your trip.

Location, Location, Location - UK Movie Settings to Visit Near London
The locations of some of your favorite movies are within easy reach of London. Find out about where to see the settings of top costume dramas

Vacation Rental Nightmares and How to Avoid Them
These ten tips will help you ensure a successful self-catering stay in a UK vacation cottage.

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