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UK Restaurant Review - Gino's Ristorante Pizzeria Italiano in Lincoln

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The Bottom Line

A traditional red sauce Italian restaurant, complete with a jolly, bowtied host wielding a giant pepper mill. There's nothing new or surprising about the cuisine but I was drawn in by the delicious smell and that probably says it all.


  • Well prepared, traditional Italian food
  • Service is fast without being rushed
  • Generous portions
  • Cheesy, cheery host brandishing a giant pepper mill


  • Tables too close together
  • Not enough wines by the glass
  • Closes too early
  • Spray whipped cream spoiled dessert
  • Cheesy, cheery host brandishing a giant pepper mill


  • Address: 7 Gordon Road, Bailgate, Lincoln LN1 3AJ
  • Telephone: +44 (0)1522 513 770
  • Website: www.ginoslincoln.co.uk
  • Open: Every day, noon to 2 p.m. and 6 to 10p.m. Booking advised
  • Moderate to high prices. Hot and cold starters from £3.75 to £8.50, mains from about £8 to £26, pizzas from £6.35 to £11.85.
  • Wines by the bottle from 10.95 to £45. House wines by the glass, £3.15.

Guide Review - UK Restaurant Review - Gino's Ristorante Pizzeria Italiano in Lincoln

My nose led me into Gino's in Lincoln's Bailgate district. On a Friday night, on my own, I contemplated some takeaway in my hotel room but the rich, garlicky smell of Gino's tomato sauce could not be denied.

And I was not disappointed. This is an old fashioned, red-sauce style Italian restaurant, of the kind that would have made Tony Soprano happy. Generous plates of pasta, in a variety of shapes and sizes, come drenched in really good sauces.

Service was very good too. I had a yen for spaghetti but, on the menu, it only came with bolognese sauce. The sauce alla Genovese that I fancied - a yummy combo of roasted peppers, grilled aubergines (eggplant), courgettes (zuccini) in pesto and tomato sauce -- was served with Fusilli. No problem, the accommodating host saw to it that my spaghetti arrived alla Genovese.

Sadly, the dessert let Gino's down. A perfectly decent tiramisu was destroyed by being buried in gassy tasting whipped cream from a spray can.

The wine list was limited and the more interesting wines relatively expensive - £31 for a relatively ordinary Barolo, for example. And with only the house red, white and rosé available by the glass, not much for the single traveler or light drinker.

Popular on Date Nights

On a Friday night at about 8p.m., Gino's was heaving with smartly dressed diners, a combination of couples on dates, groups of friends and parents worrying about the babysitters. How do I know this? Well Gino's makes the most of its popularity by packing them in. Tables are much too close together and it is impossible not to participate (at least as an unwilling eavesdropper) in other people's conversations. I shared the first date agonies of the couple at one of the tables next to mine, the separation anxieties of the new parents on their first night out at another nearby table.

Despite these shortcomings, the food at Gino's is clearly what makes the place so popular and is worth sampling when you are next in Lincoln. Just tell them to hold the whipped cream and the green stuff on the tiramisu.

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